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Countdown to End of Support 2020!

Countdown to End of Support 2020!

All good things come to end and the end is nearing. What am I talking about you ask? That is end of support for several Microsoft server products in just 5 short months. Yes friends, in 5 short months there ... continue reading
A graphic showing the end-to-end workflow and processes that are involved in creating a translation project.

Overcoming language difficulties with AI and Azure services

Ever hear the Abbot and Costello routine, “Who’s on first?” It’s a masterpiece of American English humor. But what if it we translated it into another language? With a word-by-word translation, most of what English speakers laugh at, would be ... continue reading
Presenting the new Unfamiliar Sign-in Properties

Presenting the new Unfamiliar Sign-in Properties

Howdy folks, Today we want to tell you about some really awesome improvements we made in Azure AD Identity Protection. Together, these improvements improved our ability to detect compromised sign-ins by over 100 percent! We also reduced our false positive ... continue reading
Reporting on Microsoft 365 Licensing using PowerShell – Part 1

Reporting on Microsoft 365 Licensing using PowerShell – Part 1

Summary: Clive Watson discusses how to report on Microsoft 365 licensing in the cloud. Hello everyone, Doctor Scripto here today to introduce you to a good friend of mine. Clive Watson is a Cloud Solution Architect here at Microsoft and ... continue reading

Cloud providers unite on frictionless health data exchange

This post was co-authored by Heather Jordan Cartwright, General Manager, Microsoft Healthcare Cloud computing is rapidly becoming a bigger and more central part of the infrastructure of healthcare. We see this as a historic shift that motivates us to think ... continue reading

Azure API for FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources)

Michael Hansen joins Scott Hanselman to explain what FHIR is and how to get started with FHIR on Azure. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (or, FHIR) is a new standard for representing and exchanging healthcare data. Developed by the HL7 community ... continue reading
Microsoft Mechanics episode - HSBC's PayMe for Business app

How HSBC built its PayMe for Business app on Microsoft Azure

Bank-grade security, super-fast transactions, and analytics If you live in Asia or have ever traveled there, you’ve probably witnessed the dramatic impact that mobile technology has had on all aspects of day to day life. In Hong Kong in particular, ... continue reading
GIF showing the one-click integration between Event Hubs and Azure Stream Analytics

New capabilities in Stream Analytics reduce development time for big data apps

Azure Stream Analytics is a fully managed PaaS offering that enables real-time analytics and complex event processing on fast moving data streams. Thanks to zero-code integration with over 15 Azure services, developers and data engineers can easily build complex pipelines ... continue reading
Azure AD Mailbag: Conditional Access Q&A

Azure AD Mailbag: Conditional Access Q&A

Greetings! This is Sue Bohn, director of program management for Identity and Access Management. One of our most popular features in Azure Active Directory is Conditional Access which provides the flexibility to enable additional security controls before granting access. It ... continue reading

Leveraging complex data to build advanced search applications with Azure Search

Data is rarely simple. Not every piece of data we have can fit nicely into a single Excel worksheet of rows and columns. Data has many diverse relationships such as the multiple locations and phone numbers for a single customer ... continue reading