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BitLocker, Intune, and Raven

Hello Paul Bergson, back again with another story about my dog Raven. From time to time we get a visit from a family member and they will bring their dog along, problem is we have never socialized Raven with other ... continue reading
Timeline of evolution of Dexphot malware

Insights from one year of tracking a polymorphic threat

A little over a year ago, in October 2018, our polymorphic outbreak monitoring system detected a large surge in reports, indicating that a large-scale campaign was unfolding. We observed as the new threat attempted to deploy files that changed every ... continue reading

The RC4 Removal Files Part 2: In AES We Trust

Background Flash back to the late 80's...mullets for all, Polo drenched teens, big hair, and RC4 in all it's glory. Life was good. Flash forward to now and all of these things are out of style. In the case of ... continue reading

The RC4 Removal Files Part 1: What’s in an error message?

I've been doing system administration since roughly 1994 and in that time I've come to realize one thing: making changes to established environments always causes a ripple effect. The impact of changes usually doesn't surface right away, so associating the ... continue reading
The Case of SPNs Breaking Group Policy Application

The Case of SPNs Breaking Group Policy Application

Hello Everyone, my name is Zoheb Shaikh and I’m a Solution Engineer working with Microsoft Mission Critical team (SMC). I’ll share with you something interesting that I came across recently where one of our Enterprise customers had multiple clients where ... continue reading

What’s the difference between Group Policy and Azure Policy?

To understand the difference between Group Policy and Azure Policy, we need to start with the architecture differences regarding how devices are seen in a Windows Server domain versus in Microsoft Azure. Traditional Group Policy architecture is based on Users ... continue reading
How to schedule a pod to access a TEE

Bringing confidential computing to Kubernetes

Historically, data has been protected at rest through encryption in data stores, and in transit using network technologies, however as soon as that data is processed in the CPU of a computer it is decrypted and in plain text. New ... continue reading

Talking Failover Clustering and Azure Stack HCI Ignite 2019 Announcements

Microsoft Ignite 2019 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida was a huge success with approximately 26,000 in attendance. We had a great time meeting and talking with our partners and customers. We also had a few announcements ... continue reading
Windows will improve user privacy with DNS over HTTPS

Windows will improve user privacy with DNS over HTTPS

Brought to you by Tommy Jensen, Ivan Pashov, and Gabriel Montenegro Here in Windows Core Networking, we’re interested in keeping your traffic as private as possible, as well as fast and reliable. While there are many ways we can and ... continue reading
How it works: Backup and restore for Microsoft Authenticator

How it works: Backup and restore for Microsoft Authenticator

Hello! With the dust settling from Ignite 2019, let’s dive in with “how stuff works” – focusing on the Microsoft Authenticator’s backup and restore feature. Earlier this year we released the Microsoft Authenticator backup and restore feature on iOS and ... continue reading