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Optimize costs and increase agility with the latest SAP on Azure offerings

SAP SAPPHIRE NOW is an event we look forward to year after year, as it’s always a place to meet our customers and learn how we can continue to support their evolving needs. This year, those conversations will take a ... continue reading

Six reasons customers trust Azure to run their SAP solutions

As global organizations across every industry adjust to the new normal, SAP solutions are playing an increasingly vital role in addressing immediate needs and paving a path to a resilient future. Now more than ever, companies are realizing the value ... continue reading
Image of a graph show the percentage of IT infrastructure in the public cloud.

Barracuda and Microsoft: Removing security barriers to faster public cloud adoption

Barracuda’s CloudGen Firewall is tightly integrated with Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Azure Security Center, and Azure Sentinel. Integrated into Azure, Barracuda’s networking and security capabilities enable customers’ secure infrastructure migrations and the use of public ... continue reading

Open innovation, customer choice, and reliability with SQL Server on SUSE

With nearly two decades of delivering joint innovation to meet changing business demands, Microsoft and SUSE continue to focus on enabling digital transformation for our customers, building on open source solutions, and a seamless collaborative support model for SUSE workloads ... continue reading

Tracking Our Roadmaps with ProductPlan

In this episode learn how to create a product roadmap with ProductPlan, and integrate your roadmap with Azure DevOps. We show how you can easily import from Azure DevOps to create your roadmap, and save time by syncing progress and ... continue reading

Improving Productivity With Devops And Microsoft Teams

Find out how to integrate Microsoft Teams and Azure DevOps to stay up to date as well as complete your workflows right in the ambience of Teams.Jump To: [04:31] Demo Start Learn More: Workplace Messaging AppsDevOps Lab Favorite Links: Create ... continue reading
Understanding static MAC address licensing in Azure

Understanding static MAC address licensing in Azure

Many established software companies have tied their licensing to the MAC ADD of your server/computer. This causes a slew of issues such as: replacing hardware in your servers, running multiple network cards (think redundancy), virtualizing your environment, or even just ... continue reading
One Ops Question: I’m a system administrator, and DevOps seems scary, how do I get started?

One Ops Question: I’m a system administrator, and DevOps seems scary, how do I get started?

Our friend Jay Gordon (@jaydestro) joins us this week to answer the “On Ops Question.” I’m a system administrator, and DevOps seems scary, how do I get started? In his words... “You’ve been manually deploying from that bash script for ... continue reading

Integrating with Azure DevOps and DAS Deployer!

Damian sits down with Martin Woodward at Microsoft Ignite 2019 to talk about interoperability with Azure DevOps in the coolest way possible. The DAS Deployer is a fun project using a Raspberry Pi, some Python, and the Azure DevOps REST ... continue reading
 Windows Virtual Desktop high level architecture

Use Azure Firewall for secure and cost-effective Windows Virtual Desktop protection

This post was co-authored by Pavithra Thiruvengadam, Program Manager, Windows Virtual Desktop Work from home policies require many IT organizations to address fundamental changes in capacity, network, security, and governance. Many employees aren't protected by the layered security policies associated ... continue reading