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Azure AD Rename Rollout and Resources

Azure AD Rename Rollout and Resources

  The rename of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to Microsoft Entra ID is now rolling across content and product experiences from Microsoft, as per the implementation timeline outlined in the Azure AD rename announcement on July 11th. We expect ... continue reading

Automating Azure VM Deployment: The Power of PowerApps, SharePoint, Flow and Azure DevOps Pipe

Introduction Many of our customers are trying to balance the productivity vs security scale at this point in time. On the one end you can provide access to the Azure Portal but that could provide certain risks and requires an ... continue reading
Figure 1: Solution Overview

Use PowerShell to Remediate Non-Compliant Policy Definitions

Introduction Azure Policy enables an organization to enforce standards and assess compliance against regulatory requirements. In general, there are four main Azure Policy objects. A Policy Definition describes the conditions under which it is enforced. This Azure Policy object has ... continue reading
Security decision maker checking security posture on a tablet.

How Microsoft and Sonrai integrate to eliminate attack paths

Cloud development challenges conventional thinking about risk. A “perimeter” was always the abstraction that security teams could start from—defining their perimeter and exposing the cracks in firewalls and network access. With more and more infrastructure represented as ephemeral code, protecting ... continue reading
Microsoft commercial marketplace compared to Vendor Direct across Time to Value, Procurement Complexity, and Billing Transparency. The commercial marketplace scored 35 total and Vendor Direct 21.

Microsoft commercial marketplace improves B2B commerce

Companies continue to adopt the cloud across every aspect of their business. Scoped well beyond the IT department, every employee needs cloud-based services tailored to their function. So, even among economic uncertainties, cloud budgets are proving durable—and even growing.According to ... continue reading
Azure Digital Apps graphic

Build next-generation, AI-powered applications on Microsoft Azure

The potential of generative AI is much bigger than any of us can imagine today. From healthcare to manufacturing to retail to education, AI is transforming entire industries and fundamentally changing the way we live and work. At the heart ... continue reading

Navigating the SPACE between productivity and developer happiness

Early in my career, I worked as a developer and system administrator. I loved my teams and projects and noticed that many of the things engineers talked about when we were really getting work done (“being productive”) just didn’t make ... continue reading

Azure Policy Recommended Practices

Azure Policy has multiple uses including general governance, monitoring setup, security, and compliance. It should not be used to deal with items better handled with role-based access control (RBAC). The following rules codify this: Prohibit anybody and any service from ... continue reading
Move to Azure with a Web App

Move to Azure with a Web App

I recently saw a discussion on what value does the cloud actually bring to people. Why migrate? Beyond the most stated reasons, elasticity (aka add a host, VM, app or container on the fly), resiliency with Azure regions, Availability sets ... continue reading
Wired for Hybrid - What's New in Azure Networking – April 2023

Wired for Hybrid – What’s New in Azure Networking – April 2023

Hello Folks, Azure Networking is the foundation of your infrastructure in Azure. Each month we bring you an update on What’s new in Azure Networking. This month is a little late since we've been traveling to conferences.  We Recorded this one ... continue reading