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Periscope up – what's on the horizon for hybrid event

Now we let the cat out of the bag that we’re putting on an event on Feb 2nd, 2021 – it’s time to go a little deeper. How about some information about the AWESOME content we have lined up that ... continue reading

Continuous Monitoring for Web Perf and Accessibility

Learn how the Azure Cloud Collaboration Center (CCC) visualization team continuously monitors a Web App for Performance and Accessibility using open-source tools Lighthouse API for perf and Axe-Core for accessibility and Azure DevOps pipelines to prevent perf regressions and common ... continue reading

Project Bicep – Next generation ARM Templates

In this video, we'll go over the what, why, and how of Project Bicep and how it's going to make deploying infrastructure to Azure even easier. We'll go over the basics of what makes Bicep useful, as well as show ... continue reading

App Registration Expiration Monitoring and Notifications

Problem Statement Azure services do not have a native feature to report on expiring App registrations. Without a solution in place to monitor and notify on expiration of these SPN’s solutions ranging from Custom Apps, and DevOps CICD Pipelines too ... continue reading

Farmer – Making Repeatable Azure Deployments Easy

Infrastructure as code is one of the most important and underutilized aspects of DevOps. In this episode of DevOps Lab, we will talk about a cool way to handle Infrastructure as code for Azure using Farmer which is a .NET ... continue reading

Secure Application Lifecycle – Part 1 – Using CredScan

Cyber Security topic is one the most important topics in our mind when we develop application and systems on-perm or in cloud in general. It is important to frequently perform and install security validations on applications. There are two important ... continue reading

Using your organizational DevTest benefits

A deep dive into understanding how to manage, provision and realize the most value from your enterprise and pay as you go DevTest subscriptions. We'll look at Azure management groups, the enrollment portal and how to best think about the ... continue reading

Building and deploying web apps with Static Web Apps

You are embarking on a new project and have decided to go full Serverless and try out that JAMStack. After all, our application is a web front end and some API's, so Serverless is the perfect model for us. But ... continue reading

Hybrid management. Where do I start?

Hello Folks, We live in a cloud world. That is clear... However, most of us in the REAL world know that we’ll have to manage and maintain our servers on-prem or in multiple clouds for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it’s ... continue reading

Get Started with Individual Dev/Test

A deep dive into understanding how you can leverage individual credits for enterprise work, and drive innovation for lasting impact. We'll look at how you can use these subscriptions, their benefits and how you can enable various security scenarios and ... continue reading