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Why integrated phishing-attack training is reshaping cybersecurity—Microsoft Security

Phishing is still one of the most significant risk vectors facing enterprises today. Innovative email security technology like Microsoft Defender for Office 365 stops a majority of phishing attacks before they hit user inboxes, but no technology in the world ... continue reading

AzUpdate: Microsoft Defender ZeroLogon detection, Azure Backup and Cost Management updates and more

Another busy week in the Azure cloud.  Here are the stories the team is covering this week: ZeroLogon is now detected by Microsoft Defender for Identity (CVE-2020-1472 exploitation), New updates for both Azure Backup and Azure Cost Management / Billing, Shared ... continue reading
Microsoft 365 Changes

Microsoft 365 and Azure Security Product name changes!

At Microsoft Ignite 2020, we saw a bunch of exciting news announced but we also saw some products renamed and I wanted to create a blog post referencing those changes. So, let’s dive in! Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365 Changes The ... continue reading

Microsoft Defender ATP Daily Operation – Part 2

    NOTE: As of late September, the Microsoft Defender ATP product line has been renamed to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint!      Dear IT Pros,     I would like to continue on Part 2 of the Windows Defender ATP Operation ... continue reading
An image of the workflows and visualizations to manage cases.

Microsoft Advanced Compliance Solutions in Zero Trust Architecture

Zero Trust revolves around three key principles:  verify explicitly, use least privileged access, and assume breach.  Microsoft’s Advanced Compliance Solutions are an important part of Zero Trust. This post applies a Zero Trust lens to protecting an organization’s sensitive data ... continue reading
An image of a GADOLINIUM controlled Microsoft TechNet profile established in 2016.

Microsoft Security—detecting empires in the cloud

Microsoft consistently tracks the most advanced threat actors and evolving attack techniques. We use these findings to harden our products and platform and share them with the security community to help defenders everywhere better protect the planet. Recently, the Microsoft ... continue reading

Microsoft Security: 6 tips for enabling people-centric cybersecurity with security training

Everyone knows about phishing scams, and most of us think we’re too smart to take the bait. Our confidence often reaches superhero levels when we’re logged onto a company network. As Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft, and previously at telco ... continue reading
An image of the Microsoft 365 Defender dashboard.

Microsoft delivers unified SIEM and XDR to modernize security operations

The threat landscape continues to increase in both complexity and the level of sophistication of the attacks we observe. Attackers target the most vulnerable resources in an organization and then traverse laterally to target high-value assets. No longer can you ... continue reading
An image of the SOC Vectra Triad.

Vectra and Microsoft join forces to step up detection and response

This blog post is part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) guest blog series. Click here to learn more about MISA. Traditional security operations center (SOC) processes typically involve a wide variety of disparate event notification tools that force ... continue reading

Manage USB Devices on Windows Hosts

  Raven is a Miniature Schnauzer that doesn’t like small critters in the yard unless they can fly. This gives Raven an insurmountable challenge, since my wife is such an avid gardener. We live on the side of a hill ... continue reading