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Reading Configuration Manager Status Messages With PowerShell

Q: I can read Configuration Manager status messages using the Monitoring tab. Can I do it using PowerShell? A: Yes you can! We can accomplish this using SQL/WQL queries, plus the Win32 function FormatMessage. Better understanding Status Messages Before we ... continue reading
Default site boundary group behavior to support cloud source selection

Default site boundary group behavior to support cloud source selection

You can now add options via PowerShell to include and prefer cloud management gateway (CMG) management points for the default site boundary group. When a site is set up, there's a default site boundary group created for each site and ... continue reading

A Light Overview of Microsoft Security Products

Hi, Alan here today to lightly cover something I have been asked by customers in regard to Microsoft’s security products....and that is “what defender products does Microsoft have and what are they used for?”. Well, it’s a good question, so ... continue reading
Offset for monthly maintenance window reoccurrence schedule in Configuration Manager TP 2205

Offset for monthly maintenance window reoccurrence schedule in Configuration Manager TP 2205

Offset for reoccurring monthly maintenance window reoccurrence schedule. Based upon your feedback, you can now offset monthly maintenance window schedules to better align deployments with the release of monthly security updates. For example, using an offset of two days after ... continue reading

Removing Duplicate Device Objects from Configuration Manager with PowerShell

Hello everyone, Chris Vetter Customer Engineer at Microsoft back again to discuss an all-too-common problem and that is Duplicate Device Hostnames in Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager (MEMCM). This commonly tends to happen when performing an OSD Image on a ... continue reading
Getting to know Azure Arc

Getting to know Azure Arc

**I do want to state of course I’m an employee of Microsoft but links to any books or courses as part of my learning experience, I am not affiliated with. I don’t have affiliate links I’m just sharing what I ... continue reading

Microsoft Defender Ecosystem

DEFENDER FOR CLOUD Microsoft Defender for Cloud - an introduction | Microsoft Docs Defender for Cloud is a tool for security posture management and threat protection. It strengthens the security posture of your cloud resources, and with its integrated Microsoft ... continue reading

A Leader in multiple Zero Trust security categories: Industry analysts weigh in

The massive shift toward remote and hybrid work over the last two years has prompted many security professionals to reassess where siloed security may create vulnerabilities.1 For that reason, Zero Trust has become the gold standard for enterprise security. An ... continue reading

Seamless Onboarding Cloud Native Win10 PCs to MDE Using MEM

Planning for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint? If you’re planning to move to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, you will need to start with your organization’s architecture. The deployment tools you are going to use for onboarding devices to Microsoft Defender for ... continue reading

Defender Definition Updates with MECM – Part 1 – Learnings from the field

Hello everyone! I'm Stefan Röll, Customer Engineer at Microsoft Germany for Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Over the past month, some of my customers had challenges with the distribution of Defender Definition Updates using MECM. With this Blog, I would like to ... continue reading