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Confidential Virtual Machine in Azure Portal.

Meet PCI compliance with credit card tokenization

In building and running a business, the safety and security of your and your customers' sensitive information and data is a top priority, especially when storing financial information and processing payments are concerned. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ... continue reading

The path forward for SQL Server analytics

Today, we are announcing changes to SQL Server analytics which includes:Customer feedbackRetirement of SQL Server 2019 Big Data ClustersRetirement of PolyBase scale-out groupsPath forwardCustomer feedbackWe continue to see increased migration to the cloud, with analytical workloads leading that charge.Customers have ... continue reading
Azure VMware Solution (AVS) for VMware Admins Primer

Azure VMware Solution (AVS) for VMware Admins Primer

It’s funny to think there was such a pushback on virtualization when it first came out versus being the norm for most of us now. As a VMware admin myself, I remember all the discussions with application teams trying to ... continue reading
Overview of Azure Monitor

Observability from cloud to edge in Azure

This post is co-authored by Rahul Bagaria, Principal Product Manager, Azure Monitor Customer Success Our customers are transforming their digital environments, whether migrating workloads to Azure, building new cloud-native apps, or unlocking new scenarios at the edge. As they combine ... continue reading
Architecture diagram for Galaxy on Azure using Azure CycleCloud with grid engine cluster.

Genomic analysis on Galaxy using Azure CycleCloud

Cloud computing and digital transformation have been powerful enablers for genomics. Genomics is expected to be an exabase-scale big data domain by 2025, posing data acquisition and storage challenges on par with other major generators of big data. Embracing digital ... continue reading

Private AKS and ACR Using Private Endpoint – Part 2/2

Introduction The objective of this tutorial is to create a private environment for AKS, ACR and a JumpBox VM. AKS and ACR will be accessible only through Private Endpoint. As of part 1, our VM did connect securely through Private ... continue reading
Step-by-step: Creating a new test environment for gMSA on AKS

Step-by-step: Creating a new test environment for gMSA on AKS

Microsoft recently announced a new feature that will help customers move existing applications to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) – Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA). In a nutshell, gMSA allows applications that are Active Directory (AD) dependent to be containerized. By ... continue reading

Access Azure resources from software workload in different environments, no secrets necessary

Howdy folks, As we’ve all experienced, the entire world is going digital and increasingly everything is connected to the cloud. For most of you, this means your organizations are creating and using more software than ever before and most of ... continue reading

Private AKS and ACR Using Private Endpoint – Part 1/2

Introduction  Many companies use AKS to deploy their containerized workloads. To secure their infrastructure, they make it private. They also make the Azure Container Registry private. As a result, no external access is allowed outside of the company network boundary ... continue reading

Destructive malware targeting Ukrainian organizations

Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) has identified evidence of a destructive malware operation targeting multiple organizations in Ukraine. This malware first appeared on victim systems in Ukraine on January 13, 2022. Microsoft is aware of the ongoing geopolitical events in ... continue reading