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Intrusion Detection and Prevention System signatures table

Learn what’s new in Azure Firewall

This post was co-authored by Suren Jamiyanaa, Program Manager 2, Azure Networking. We continue to be amazed by the adoption, interest, positive feedback, and the breadth of use cases customers are finding for our service. Today, we are happy to ... continue reading

SCOM MP for M365 – V3 CTP

We are back with the latest version (in CTP) of M365 MP and have very exciting changes to talk about. With this update, Users can now opt between their choice of MP Authentication i.e., Application (which is available currently), Delegated ... continue reading
Pod Identity or gMSA? Which one is best for you on Azure Kubernetes Service

Pod Identity or gMSA? Which one is best for you on Azure Kubernetes Service

This blog post is the result of a conversation I had last week with a customer, in which we discussed the implementation of Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA) on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) for their application. The result of the ... continue reading
ConfigMgr Infrastructure Example

Semi-Automate ConfigMgr Firewall Settings

Hi, Jonas here! Or as we say in the north of Germany: "Moin Moin!" I’m a Microsoft Senior Customer Engineer with a broad spectrum of interests. Due to recent events multiple customers have questioned their infrastructure security concept and approached me with ... continue reading
Strengthen your security posture with new Azure AD partner integrations

Strengthen your security posture with new Azure AD partner integrations

I’m excited to announce several new Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) product integrations are now available. By leveraging the power of Azure AD, these solutions can help streamline your identity access, governance, and authentication for stronger Zero Trust security across ... continue reading

Passwordless RDP with Windows Hello for Business

Windows Hello for Business (WHfB) provides a password-less experience for users to log into their Windows 10 or 11 device. However, a challenge remains when accessing remote systems. This can be via MMC console for example to access Active Directory ... continue reading
This table is captured from the 2021 Signals repots, which lists the top customer concerns in the IoT security field.

Microsoft best practices for managing IoT security concerns

The Internet of Things, or IoT, has expanded beyond the mere concept that it was when first introduced. IoT is now part of most individuals’ daily activities, from smart speakers and thermostats to smartwatches and vehicles. IoT devices and systems ... continue reading
World map with circles of varying sizes located in several countries regions to indicate the threat's impact.

Dismantling ZLoader: How malicious ads led to disabled security tools and ransomware

As announced today, Microsoft took action against the ZLoader trojan by working with telecommunications providers around the world to disrupt key ZLoader infrastructure. We used our research into this threat to enrich our protection technologies and ensure this infrastructure could ... continue reading
The Microsoft vulnerable driver blocklist feature enabled in the Core isolation page within the Windows Security app.

New security features for Windows 11 will help protect hybrid work

Attackers haven’t wasted any time capitalizing on the rapid move to hybrid work. Every day cybercriminals and nation-states alike have improved their targeting, speed, and accuracy as the world adapted to working outside the office. These changes have put “cybersecurity ... continue reading

SCOM Microsoft 365 V2

-----Update on Jan 13, 2022----- M365 V2 is GA which can be downloaded here. For users who are already on CTP, no further steps are needed. P.S: There is a known issue with “M365 Connection State Monitor” which is generating ... continue reading