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Real-world sustainability solutions with Azure IoT

In today’s fast-moving world, organizations are deploying innovative IoT and Digital Operations solutions that drive sustainable business practices, achieve energy conservation goals, and enhance operational efficiencies. I am amazed by their work and want to share a handful of recent ... continue reading
Image showing shared responsibility model in the cloud.

11 best practices for securing data in cloud services

In today’s digital age, cloud computing has become an essential part of businesses, enabling them to store and access their data from anywhere. However, with convenience comes the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks. Therefore, it is crucial to implement ... continue reading

Immutable Blobs Inside Azure Storage (WORM)

  Hello howdy Readers! Thank you for visiting my post!    A lot of my customers have a business requirement that - once a document is written in storage account, nobody shall be able to modify or delete it, including ... continue reading
Wired for Hybrid - What's New in Azure Networking – May 2023

Wired for Hybrid – What’s New in Azure Networking – May 2023

Hello Folks, Azure Networking is the foundation of your infrastructure in Azure. Each month we bring you an update on What’s new in Azure Networking. In this blog post, we’ll cover what's new with Azure Networking in May 2023. Cross-region service ... continue reading
Figure 1: Network Security Group showing the inbound rule for port 8443.

Cloud Management Gateway – Inbound Rule for Port 8443

  Hello! My name is Nandan Sheth, and I am a part of Microsoft’s Customer Success Unit based out of Dublin, Ireland. I have been helping customers set up the Cloud Management Gateway for a few years now, but recently ... continue reading
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Check This Out! (CTO!) Guide (March 2023)

  Hi everyone! Brandon Wilson here once again with this month’s “Check This Out!” (CTO!) guide. These posts are only intended to be your guide, to lead you to some content of interest, and are just a way we are ... continue reading

Automating Block Blob Backup

Introduction Hi folks! My name is Felipe Binotto, Cloud Solution Architect, based in Australia.   This post is about how you can automate the backup of Block Blob Storage using Azure Backup Vault (not to be confused with Azure Recovery ... continue reading

Field tips for AKS storage provisioning

Introduction In an Azure Kubernetes (AKS) cluster, Pods can access physical storage resources such as disks or volumes using Persistent Volumes (PV). To use these resources, Pods need to make a Persistent Volume Claim (PVC), which requests a specific amount ... continue reading
Monitor Azure Virtual Network Manager changes with event logging

Monitor Azure Virtual Network Manager changes with event logging

Today, our customers establish and manage their Azure virtual networks at scale. As their number of network resources grows, the question of how to maintain connectivity and security among their scale of resources arises. This is where Microsoft Azure Virtual ... continue reading
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Azure Managed Lustre—Parallel file system for HPC and AI workloads

Today, Microsoft is announcing the public preview of Azure Managed Lustre, a new addition to the storage offerings in our Azure HPC + AI solution. Lustre is an open-source parallel file system renowned for high-performance computing (HPC) and is adept ... continue reading