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Performing an In-Place Upgrade of FIM 2010 R2 to Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 - Service and Portal

Performing an In-Place Upgrade of FIM 2010 R2 to Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 – Service and Portal

First published on MSDN on Aug 05, 2015 Due to this being the First release of Microsoft Identity Manager i specifically wrote this with the current version highlighted. Before you Begin Be sure to have Fresh backups of the FIMService ... continue reading
A timeline of RPO and RTO on a BAU secnario.

Disaster recovery for SAP HANA Systems on Azure

This blog will cover the design, technology, and recommendations for setting up disaster recovery (DR) for an enterprise customer, to achieve best in class recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) with an SAP S/4HANA landscape. This post ... continue reading

How to migrate SQL Server to Microsoft Azure Stack

As mentioned last week, we created a short video series about how you can migrate workloads to Microsoft Azure Stack. I also mentioned that we will release a complementary blog post to each of the videos which some more guidance ... continue reading

Leverage Azure premium file shares for high availability of data

This post was co-authored by Mike Emard Principal Program Manager, Azure Storage. SQL Server on Azure virtual machines brings cloud agility, elasticity, and scalability benefits to SQL Server workloads. SQL virtual machine offers full control on the operating system, virtual ... continue reading

T-SQL DDL support for Windows users migration from SQL Server databases to SQL Managed Instance

We are happy to announce a public preview for T-SQL DDL support for Windows domain users migration from SQL Server on-premises databases to SQL managed instance (MI) with Azure AD authentication. The migration process for databases from SQL Server on-premises ... continue reading

Gain on OLTP price-performance with Azure SQL Virtual Machines

This post was co-authored by Jamie Reding, Senior Program Manager, Sadashivan Krishnamurthy, Principal Architect, and Bob Ward, Principal Architect. Today, most applications are running online transactional processing (OLTP) transactions. Online banking, purchasing a book online, booking an airline ticket, sending ... continue reading

New Data Exposed episode: It’s just SQL: Native Backup and Restore

In this Data Exposed episode Alain Dormehl and Colin Murphy show you how easy it is to restore an existing SQL Database to Azure SQL Managed Instance. More information: ... continue reading

What are the Differences Between Azure Active Directory and Azure Active Directory Domain Services?

I met with some customers last week, and we had a great conversation about Active Directory and the differences between all the flavours available to them when adopting a hybrid posture. More specifically, what are the difference between: Azure Active ... continue reading
Customizing Hardware Inventory in Configuration Manager 2007 using NOIDMIF Files

Customizing Hardware Inventory in Configuration Manager 2007 using NOIDMIF Files

First published on TECHNET on Nov 16, 2011 Authored by Clifton Hughes The IDMIF and NOIDMIF collection can be used to extend Configuration Manager 2007 client inventory information reported by clients. NOIDMIF files extend the hardware inventory information for existing ... continue reading
Clustered Default Coordinator.png

MSDTC Best Practices with an Availability Group

In this article we are going to look at some guidelines and MSDTC best practices with an Availability Group. Please note that some of these recommendations change if you are deploying a Failover Cluster Instance. If you are using the ... continue reading