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Azure Firewall Tips from the Field

Introduction  Hi folks! My name is Felipe Binotto, Cloud Solution Architect, based in Australia.  In this post, I will provide some tips and clarifications about Azure Firewall based on my experience from the field.    Topics  The following are the ... continue reading
Optimizing your Azure VMs – 3 Simple Steps to Cloud Efficiency

Optimizing your Azure VMs – 3 Simple Steps to Cloud Efficiency

Virtual machines are arguably still one of the most fundamental core infrastructure components when it comes to cloud computing. Whether you are hosting databases, custom apps, runner jobs, or leveraging them as nodes for your container hosts, VMs are core ... continue reading
Threat matrix with updated techniques included in reconnaissance, initial access, persistence, defense evasion, credential access, discovery, lateral movement, and exfiltration stages.

Cloud storage security: What’s new in the threat matrix

Today, we announce the release of a second version of the threat matrix for storage services, a structured tool that assists in identifying and analyzing potential security threats on data stored in cloud storage services. The matrix, first released in ... continue reading
Flax Typhoon attack chain through the initial access, execution, persistence, privilege escalation, defense evasion, credential access, discovery, lateral movement, and command and control stages.

Flax Typhoon using legitimate software to quietly access Taiwanese organizations

Summary Microsoft has identified a nation-state activity group tracked as Flax Typhoon, based in China, that is targeting dozens of organizations in Taiwan with the likely intention of performing espionage. Flax Typhoon gains and maintains long-term access to Taiwanese organizations’ ... continue reading

Move backups in Recovery Service Vault from LRS/GRS to ZRS while preserving the data

Introduction Hello everyone, Andrew Coughlin here and I am a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft focusing on Azure Infrastructure. I have frequently received questions from customers about how to move their virtual machines from an LRS/GRS recovery services vault to ... continue reading

Check This Out! (CTO!) Guide (June 2023)

  Hi everyone! Brandon Wilson here once again with this month’s “Check This Out!” (CTO!) guide. These posts are only intended to be your guide, to lead you to some content of interest, and are just a way we are ... continue reading

Immutable Blobs Inside Azure Storage (WORM)

  Hello howdy Readers! Thank you for visiting my post!    A lot of my customers have a business requirement that - once a document is written in storage account, nobody shall be able to modify or delete it, including ... continue reading
Supercharge your skills with Microsoft CLX tracks for Azure

Supercharge your skills with Microsoft CLX tracks for Azure

The Microsoft Azure Connected Learning Experience (CLX) program is expanding with three new tracks for Azure professionals. Enhance your Azure networking, Microsoft Sentinel in Azure, and Windows Server migration skills your way with these personalized and self-paced courses that help you ... continue reading

Using Resource Locks To Prevent Accidental Changes In Azure

  Hello howdy readers, welcome to my post! My name is Khushbu Gandhi, I am Cloud Solutions Architect in Bay Area.    Over the course of my learning with Azure thus far, I have realized that it’s easy to deploy resources ... continue reading

Avoiding Disk Export and VHD Download in Azure

Introduction In an era where cloud computing and virtualization are increasingly taking center stage, Microsoft's Azure is a dominant force. One of the vital components in Azure is the Disk Export and Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Download functionality. While it ... continue reading