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A graphic showing critical manufacturing stages where the software provides connections and insights. These include productivity, quality, traceability, maintenance, and energy.

Connect IIoT data from disparate systems to unlock manufacturing insights

Extracting insights from multiple data sources is a new goal for manufacturers. Industrial IoT (IIoT) data is the starting point for new solutions, with the potential for giving manufacturers a competitive edge. But tracking data is often relegated to more ... continue reading
AzCopy moving a 50GB file from AWS in 8 seconds.

Move your data from AWS S3 to Azure Storage using AzCopy

AzCopy v10 (Preview) now supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 as a data source. You can now copy an entire AWS S3 bucket, or even multiple buckets, to Azure Blob Storage using AzCopy. Customers who wanted to migrate their data ... continue reading
How do teams work together on an automated machine learning project?

How do teams work together on an automated machine learning project?

When it comes to executing a machine learning project in an organization, data scientists, project managers, and business leads need to work together to deploy the best models to meet specific business objectives. A central objective of this step is ... continue reading
Azure FXT Edge Filer

Welcome to NAB Show 2019 from Microsoft Azure!

Putting the intelligent cloud to work for content creators, owners and storytellers. Stories entertain us, make us laugh and cry, and are the lens through which we perceive our world. In that world, increasingly overloaded with information, they catch our ... continue reading
Deploying IaaS VM Guest Clusters in Microsoft Azure

Deploying IaaS VM Guest Clusters in Microsoft Azure

First published on MSDN on Feb 14, 2017 Authors: Rob Hindman and Subhasish Bhattacharya, Program Manager, Windows Server In this blog I am going to discuss deployment considerations and scenarios for IaaS VM Guest Clusters in Microsoft Azure. IaaS VM ... continue reading
Azure Blob Storage on IoT Edge now includes Auto-Tiering and Auto-Expiration functionalities

Azure Blob Storage on IoT Edge now includes Auto-Tiering and Auto-Expiration functionalities

This post was authored by @Arpita Duppala, PM on the Core Operating System and Intelligent Edge team. Follow her @arnuwish on Twitter. Azure Blob Storage on IoT Edge is a light-weight Azure consistent module which provides local block blob storage, ... continue reading
Check classic alert rules

Modernize alerting using Azure Resource Manager storage accounts

Classic alerts in Azure Monitor will reach retirement this coming June. We recommend that you migrate your classic alert rules defined on your storage accounts, especially if you want to retain alerting functionality with the new alerting platform. If you ... continue reading
Full software defined infrastructure in the Azure Stack portal

Azure Stack IaaS – part one

This blog post was co-authored by Daniel Savage, Principal Program Manager, Azure Stack and Tiberiu Radu, Senior Program Manager, Azure Stack. Azure Stack at its core is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform When we discuss Azure Stack with our customers, they ... continue reading
Hive storage URIs sample

HDInsight Metastore Migration Tool open source release now available

We are excited to share the release of the Microsoft Azure HDInsight Metastore Migration Tool (HMMT), an open-source script that can be used for applying bulk edits to the Hive metastore. The HDInsight Metastore Migration Tool is a low-latency, no-installation ... continue reading
Powerful programming model

Taking a closer look at Python support for Azure Functions

Azure Functions provides a powerful programming model for accelerated development and serverless hosting of event-driven applications. Ever since we announced the general availability of the Azure Functions 2.0 runtime, support for Python has been one of our top requests. At ... continue reading