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Azure Monitor: Check and Assess Log Analytics Workspace, Application Insights and Dedicated Cluster

Hello my dear readers How many times have you found yourself in a situation in which plenty of Log Analytics Workspaces and Application insights were installed over time and you lost control?   Moreover, how can you make sure that ... continue reading

Azure Monitor: Calculating Chargeback to Split Monitoring Costs Across Projects

Hello my dear readers  During my customers visits the very question I get is: I am using Azure Monitor to monitor my workloads; how can I split monitoring costs across projects? Given the question, the answer is not too difficult ... continue reading
Various layers of full cloud-native stack on Kubernetes

Accelerate your cloud-native journey with Azure Monitor

This blog was co-authored by Xema Pathak, Senior Product Manager; Sahil Arora, Principal PM Lead; Matthew McCleary, Senior Program Manager and Brian Wren, Principal Content Developer. Organizations are going through an era of digital transformation and are embracing various cloud-native ... continue reading

Create Emergency Access Accounts for Azure AD and Use Log Analytics to Monitor Sign-ins from Them

Happy Halloween!  It's my favorite holiday, because candy is my favorite food.  In my last post, I covered some Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) thoughts on exporting critical configurations for some of your Microsoft 365 cloud services.  That got me ... continue reading
Example of a Diagnostic Settings configuration

Estimating Azure Diagnostics Cost

Introduction   There are many good reasons to enable Azure Diagnostics on your Azure PaaS resources, for example, auditing who has been accessing a Key Vault, troubleshooting failed requests to a Storage Account, doing a forensics analysis to a compromised ... continue reading
Connect with the Modern Infrastructure team at Microsoft Ignite 2022

Connect with the Modern Infrastructure team at Microsoft Ignite 2022

I’m drafting this offline at 35,000 feet, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. After more than 2.5 years since my last international flight, I’m heading to Seattle for Microsoft Ignite. I feel out of practice! But many little travel things are ... continue reading
The overall management architecture includes Microsoft Azure Arc, Microsoft Azure Storage, Microsoft Azure Monitoring, Microsoft Azure Kubernetes and Kubernetes for Operator RAN extension.

Scalable management of virtualized RAN with Kubernetes

Among the many important reasons why telecommunication companies should be attracted to Microsoft Azure are our network and system management tools. Azure has invested many intellectual and engineering cycles in the development of a sophisticated, robust framework that manages millions ... continue reading

How to determine what devices are connecting to a storage account

Introduction Have you ever wondered how to determine if any devices are still using a storage account blob, file, table, or queues? In this blog post I will talk about the process of setting up monitoring to understand if/what devices ... continue reading

Breaking Change notice: Upgrade to latest version of Operations Manager agent (MMA) by 1 Nov 2022

On 1 November 2022, Azure will no longer accept connections from older versions of the Operations Manager agent, also known as the Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA), that use SSL V1. If Operations Manager agent is setup to send data to Log ... continue reading
Monitoring my hybrid environment – part 2?

Monitoring my hybrid environment – part 2?

Hello folks, 2 weeks ago, as part of my series on setting up my demo environment to reflect a typical hybrid (on-prem Azure) environment I covered the basics of what I needed to support operational requirements like monitoring/insights, patch management, ... continue reading