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Grafana dashboard using Azure Monitor as a data source to display metrics for Contoso dev environment.

Deploying Grafana for production deployments on Azure

This blog is co-authored by Nick Lopez, Technical Advisor at Microsoft. Grafana is one of the popular and leading open source tools for visualizing time series metrics. Grafana has quickly become the preferred visualization tool of choice for developers and ... continue reading
Azure Monitor action groups

Azure Monitor action groups

Azure Monitor action groups enable you to define a list of actions to execute when an alert is triggered. In this episode, we demonstrate how to configure a Service Health alert to use an action group.Create and manage action groups ... continue reading
Screenshot display for adding an action group

Alerts in Azure are now all the more consistent!

Azure Monitor alerts provides rich alerting capabilities on a variety of telemetry such as metrics, logs, and activity logs. Over the past year, we have unified the alerting experience by providing a common consumption experience including UX and API for ... continue reading

Monitoring on Azure HDInsight Part 2: Cluster health and availability

This is the second blog post in a four-part series on Monitoring on Azure HDInsight. "Monitoring on Azure HDInsight Part 1: An Overview" discusses the three main monitoring categories: cluster health and availability, resource utilization and performance, and job status ... continue reading
Screenshot of Service Health History

Get an official service issue root cause analysis with Azure Service Health

After you experience a Microsoft Azure service issue, you likely need to explain what happened to your customers, management, and other stakeholders. That’s why Azure Service Health provides official incident reports and root cause analyses (RCAs) from Microsoft. Azure Service ... continue reading
Screenshot of copying and pasting queries into the Log Analytics query box

Analysis of network connection data with Azure Monitor for virtual machines

Azure Monitor for virtual machines (VMs) collects network connection data that you can use to analyze the dependencies and network traffic of your VMs. You can analyze the number of live and failed connections, bytes sent and received, and the ... continue reading
Getting started with Azure Monitor Dynamic Thresholds

Getting started with Azure Monitor Dynamic Thresholds

For IT Operations teams, performance metrics are essential to monitoring server health. They give you an early warning of potential problems and some quantifiable data over “the computers are running slow”. They also give you data to back up a ... continue reading

Monitoring on Azure HDInsight Part 1: An Overview

Azure HDInsight offers several ways to monitor your Hadoop, Spark, or Kafka clusters. Monitoring on HDInsight can be broken down into three main categories: Cluster health and availability Resource utilization and performance Job status and logs Two main monitoring tools ... continue reading
Azure Stack solution partner logos

Azure Stack IaaS – part 3

This blog post was co-authored by David Armour Principal PM Manager, Azure Stack and Tiberiu Radu, Senior Program Manager, Azure Stack.​ Foundation of Azure Stack IaaS Remember back in the virtualization days when you had to pick a host for ... continue reading
Azure AD Mailbag: Return Of The Mailbag with Azure AD Logs

Azure AD Mailbag: Return Of The Mailbag with Azure AD Logs

Greetings! I am Sue Bohn and I lead the Identity Customer and Partner Success Team. The mission of our worldwide team is to cut the distance between our customers and engineering so we all can work effectively at cloud speed ... continue reading