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New Resource Reporting

Intro One of the common ask I get from customers is to alert on new resources when they are created. I typically hesitate to alert every time a single resource is created because I think the better approach is to ... continue reading
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What's the difference between Azure Security Center, Azure Defender and Azure Sentinel?

It's common to have a pre-defined perspective when you hear the word "security". Some people think of applications being configured correctly or insecure coding practices. Some people think of identity concepts like password spray attacks, phishing or multi factor authentication ... continue reading

Building modern hybrid applications with Azure Arc and Azure Stack

Thomas Maurer joins Scott Hanselman to show how developers can be more collaborative in developing, deploying, and managing applications across multiple environments and clouds. Build and deploy a truly consistent app experience everywhere in your hybrid cloud using your existing ... continue reading

Network Security Group Monitoring

Intro Brad Watts here to explore monitoring of your Network Security Groups (NSGs). I was approached recently by a customer wanting to better understand changes being made to the many NSGs in their environment. Working with them, we came up ... continue reading
OPS119: Databases are cattle too! Running highly available databases consistently with Azure Arc

OPS119: Databases are cattle too! Running highly available databases consistently with Azure Arc

Have you heard people say 'containers or Kubernetes is not for databases'? Let me show you how that is definitely not the case in 2021. Kubernetes provides an abstraction layer over any infrastructure and an orchestration engine that powers Arc ... continue reading
OPS116: Monitoring and Responding to alerts in hybrid environments using Azure Monitor

OPS116: Monitoring and Responding to alerts in hybrid environments using Azure Monitor

A deep dive on how Microsoft Retail has leveraged Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, Azure Automation, PowerShell and other readily available products to monitor all their on-prem system, including in-store Video walls.In this session we will discuss how you can respond ... continue reading
OPS115: Log Analytics workspace design deep dive

OPS115: Log Analytics workspace design deep dive

Designing the proper structure for your Log Analytics workspace requires you to understand your requirements, your needs and the capabilities you're trying to light up. Meir Mendelovich, Principal Program Manager, working on Log Analytics discusses the options you have. Speaker: ... continue reading
CSV output containing the Storage Accounts use by the Azure Diagnostics extension

How to Remove at Scale the Azure Diagnostics Extension and its Storage Data

Hello, dear readers! Here is Hélder Pinto again, now writing about a topic that came out of my experience in one of my customers, who decided to stop using the Azure Diagnostics Extension in their virtual machine estate but had ... continue reading

Deep Dive How To Debug Syslog Ingestion for Sentinel and Log Analytics

Hello everybody, Simone here to tell you about a situation that happened many times to my customers: understanding how the syslog ingestion works. To make subject clear make sure you have clear in mind the below references: RFC5424 - ... continue reading

Secure Application Lifecycle – Part 2- Secure DevOps Kit for Azure (AzSK)

In my previous blog I addressed the issue of managing credentials in the code and presented two different alternatives to secure it. In this post, I will focus on Azure subscription security health and its challenge. I could summarize the ... continue reading