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Set Your Alert State Using Azure Automation

Hello blog readers One of recurring questions during my customer engagements on Azure Monitor is: how do I set alert state to either Acknowledged or Closed with no manual intervention? This question is broader and deeper than it appears. In ... continue reading
Workbook tiles with a summary of Traffic Analytics state in all NSGs

Azure Network Security Hygiene with Traffic Analytics

Hello, dear readers! My name is Hélder Pinto and I am sharing here some tips about how to leverage NSG Flow Logs and Traffic Analytics to improve your Azure network security hygiene and, at the end, simplify your NSG rules ... continue reading

Exploring Anomalies with Log Analytics using KQL

Detecting anomalies in your data can be a very powerful and desired functionality. Within Azure Monitor we provide a really easy method to alert on Anomalies if they are coming from Metrics (Creating Alerts with Dynamic Thresholds in Azure Monitor ... continue reading

Building a Policy to deploy the new Azure monitor Agent

Hello folks, Following my recording with Shayoni Seth (Senior Program Manager on the Azure Monitor Agent team) regarding the use and deployment of the upcoming Azure Monitor Agent (AMA) currently in preview. We established that there are 2 key parts ... continue reading
ITOpsTalk: Azure Monitor Agent

ITOpsTalk: Azure Monitor Agent

Have you ever wondered if there is an option to limit the number of agents you need to deploy on your servers to allow for proper monitoring? There is the Azure monitor Agent, the performance monitoring agent, the Desired State ... continue reading

What to use for monitoring your applications in Azure

Knowing how your application is doing is vital to keep your users happy. In Azure, there are many services that can help you with this. In this episode, Azure Barry shows Scott Hanselman how to choose the right Azure service ... continue reading

Windows Admin Center Capabilities

Windows Admin Center is a tool I wish I had had when I was managing servers. When the tool was first announced in 2017 under the name Project “Honolulu”, I was intrigued. I was working for a managed service provider ... continue reading

New Resource Reporting

Intro One of the common ask I get from customers is to alert on new resources when they are created. I typically hesitate to alert every time a single resource is created because I think the better approach is to ... continue reading
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What's the difference between Azure Security Center, Azure Defender and Azure Sentinel?

It's common to have a pre-defined perspective when you hear the word "security". Some people think of applications being configured correctly or insecure coding practices. Some people think of identity concepts like password spray attacks, phishing or multi factor authentication ... continue reading

Building modern hybrid applications with Azure Arc and Azure Stack

Thomas Maurer joins Scott Hanselman to show how developers can be more collaborative in developing, deploying, and managing applications across multiple environments and clouds. Build and deploy a truly consistent app experience everywhere in your hybrid cloud using your existing ... continue reading