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Azure Backup Center – Report on and Optimize your Backup environment.

Azure Backup Center – Report on and Optimize your Backup environment.

Hello folks, In the first post in this series, we explored the overall capabilities ABC is the one single place for all simplified backup needs. As mentioned before, everything in one interface one place to discover and configure, to operate ... continue reading
Azure Backup Center – Your one-stop for all things backups.

Azure Backup Center – Your one-stop for all things backups.

Hello Folks, We live in a world where the only constant is change. Actually… There might be one thing that has not changed for IT pros and operation folks… The need for an appropriate backup strategy. Today, in this world ... continue reading

Back up Linux virtual machines running mission-critical workloads

As organizations continue to embrace Linux, we see a growing number of enterprises running business and mission-critical workloads on Linux virtual machines in Azure. Azure Backup service offers application consistent backup of Linux virtual machines in Azure to safeguard against ... continue reading

How to backup and restore Azure file shares

Recently Azure Backup announced support for Azure file share as a workload, in public preview. Sonia took it for a spin! But first ... a word about Public Preview A public preview feature or service is available as a beta ... continue reading
OPS105: Virtualized and Hybrid Backup Deep Dive

OPS105: Virtualized and Hybrid Backup Deep Dive

Ben Armstrong explains the challenges and evolution of backups, from Windows Server to Hyper-V, Azure and Containers. Speaker: Ben Armstrong, Principal Program Manager Lead This session includes: 00:00 Introduction 02:30 Where's my data? 08:16 Then virtual machines came along … ... continue reading

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Government Secret

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is only to call attention to Microsoft’s new cloud service (Azure Government Secret), highlight its public features/services, and provide general guidance for those Microsoft customers who are eligible to use these new services. For ... continue reading

Securing a Windows Server VM in Azure

If you've built and managed Windows Servers in an on-premises environment, you may have a set of configuration steps as well as regular process and monitoring alerts, to ensure that server is as secure as possible. But if you run ... continue reading
Image of the shared responsibility model showing customer, service, and cloud responsibilities

Best practices for defending Azure Virtual Machines

One of the things that our Detection and Response Team (DART) and Customer Service and Support (CSS) security teams see frequently during investigation of customer incidents are attacks on virtual machines from the internet. This is one area in the ... continue reading
Use optimize tab in Backup Reports to find inactive resources

5 ways to optimize your backup costs with Azure Backup

Achieving cost efficiency in your cloud usage is more critical today than ever before. At Azure Backup, we're committed to helping you optimize your backup costs. Over the last few months, we've introduced a comprehensive collection of features that not ... continue reading

Achieve faster backups using tiered storage with DPM and MABS!

Hi Everyone! Sujay here from the Program Management team for System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) and Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS)    While talking to DPM and MABS customers I come across many questions around the tiered storage requirement ... continue reading