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Azure AD and Azure Identities and Roles Overview Dashboard

Azure Identities and Roles Governance dashboard at your fingertips

Hello, dear readers! My name is Hélder Pinto, I am an Azure Infra Customer Engineer based in Portugal, working mostly with customers in Western Europe, and I am back here to share with you some useful tools to help you ... continue reading
Azure Lighthouse - A service provider perspective

Azure Lighthouse – A service provider perspective

Hello folks I partnered with the product group and actual IT professionals outside of Microsoft to create a video series where we look at Azure Lighthouse and its benefits from a variety of different perspectives. Have you thought about how ... continue reading
Avanade Intelligent Store image shows customer touchpoints that can be enhanced by data-driven experiences.

Delivering the connected shopping experience: How Microsoft and Avanade are reimagining retail

This blog post has been co-authored by Charlie Lagervik, Principal Program Manager. Consumers today demand flexibility and convenience in how they purchase everything from groceries to home goods. In addition to shopping online, they are increasingly using mobile devices and ... continue reading

Windows 10 or Windows 11 GPO ADMX – Which one to use for your central store?

Hi community, My name is Helmut Wagensonner. I’m a Customer Engineer at Microsoft and this blog should help you to understand, which Administrative Templates (admx) to choose for your Windows 11 / Windows 10 mixed environment. Remember how it was ... continue reading
Zero Trust Adoption Report bar chart showcasing the varying levels of Zero Trust adoption across Microsoft Exchange, Zoom Credentials, SolarWinds, Robinhood, Intel, and Fireye.

Learn about 4 approaches to comprehensive security that help leaders be fearless

The last 18 months have put unprecedented pressure on organizations to speed up their digital transformation as remote and hybrid work continue to become the new normal. Yet even with all the change and uncertainty, having the right security support ... continue reading
Total Economic Impact of implementing Zero Trust with Microsoft shows 92 percent R O I and $11.6 million N P V.

Microsoft Zero Trust solutions deliver 92 percent return on investment, says new Forrester study

In the last two years, we’ve seen a staggering increase in the adoption of cloud-based services, remote work solutions, bring your own device (BYOD), and IoT devices as organizations digitally transform themselves to enable a hybrid workforce.1 Zero Trust has ... continue reading
How to configure automatic key rotation (preview) in Azure Key Vault

How to configure automatic key rotation (preview) in Azure Key Vault

With the news that automated rotation of keys is now available in preview in Azure Key Vault, I tested the configuration and notification options. Key rotation used to require a manual process, an API call, or an automation script using ... continue reading

Azure Update Management (Log Analytics Agents & Automation Accounts)

Azure Log Analytics and Automation Account (Update Management) Introduction Many of our customers would like to start patching servers as soon as possible using a single Update Management Solution deployed on a single Log Analytics Workspace. To achieve this goal ... continue reading
An open investigation dashboard for P L C programming and related alerts.

New research shows IoT and OT innovation is critical to business but comes with significant risks

The need for much improved IoT and operational technology (OT) cybersecurity became clearer this year with recent attacks on network devices,1 surveillance systems,2 an oil pipeline,3 and a water treatment facility,4 to name a few examples. To better understand the ... continue reading

Expand hybrid management tools with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure

Organizations are looking to accelerate innovation through improved IT operations, better platform resiliency, and a unified hybrid cloud control plane. For Red Hat and Azure customers, we’re now expanding the set of Red Hat management tools that run on Azure ... continue reading