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Manufacturing decision makers aligning processes and data for better ROI.

How to develop an IoT strategy that yields desired ROI

This article is the second in a four-part series designed to help companies maximize their ROI on the Internet of Things (IoT). In the first post, we discussed how IoT can transform businesses. In this post, we share insights into ... continue reading

Forcepoint DLP integration with Microsoft Information Protection—protecting your critical data

Many organizations are undergoing a rapid digital transformation that is challenging their traditional approach to data security. Organizations in highly regulated industries or who partner with organizations in regulated industries are often faced with accelerated timelines and requirements to protect ... continue reading
Infographic showcasing process for data ingestion, storage and modeling, and analysis in Manufacturing IIoT visibility and analytics

Leveraging AI and digital twins to transform manufacturing with Sight Machine

In the world of manufacturing, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has come, and that means data. A lot of data. Smart machines, equipped with sensors, add to the large quantity of data already generated from quality systems, MES, ERP ... continue reading
Confirmation Dialog Box from AICS

Expanding Azure IoT certification service to support Azure IoT Edge devices

In December 2018, Microsoft launched the Azure IoT certification service, a web-based test automation workflow to streamline the certification process through self-serve tools. Azure IoT certification service (AICS) was designed to reduce the operational processes and engineering costs for hardware ... continue reading

Monitoring on Azure HDInsight Part 2: Cluster health and availability

This is the second blog post in a four-part series on Monitoring on Azure HDInsight. "Monitoring on Azure HDInsight Part 1: An Overview" discusses the three main monitoring categories: cluster health and availability, resource utilization and performance, and job status ... continue reading

Umanis lifts the hood on their AI implementation methodology

Microsoft creates deep, technical content to help developers enhance their proficiency when building solutions using the Azure AI Platform. Our preferred training partners redeliver our LearnAI Bootcamps for customers around the globe on topics including Azure Databricks, Azure Machine Learning ... continue reading
Choose a virtual machine size through the portal in Microsoft Azure Stack

Azure Stack IaaS – part six

Pay for what you use In the virtualization days I used to pad all my requests for virtual machines (VM) to get the largest size possible. Since decisions and requests took time, I would ask for more than I required ... continue reading
Infographic showing a Shadow IT discovery lifecycle. Phase one: discover and identify. Phase two: evaluate and analyze. Phase three: manage and continuous monitoring.

Step 7. Discover shadow IT and take control of your cloud apps: Top 10 actions to secure your environment

This series outlines the most fundamental steps you can take with your investment in Microsoft 365 security solutions. In “Step 7. Discover shadow IT and take control of cloud apps,” you’ll learn how to set up Microsoft Cloud App Security ... continue reading

The Cloud Database Administrator—Tech success at scale

As a database administrator (DBA), Ive always known what the role involved. Developers swing by my desk requesting a new database, a data refresh, or help with challenges theyre facing. They sometimes get frustrated with me when their database or ... continue reading
IoT Hero

Why IoT is not a technology solution—it’s a business play

Enterprise leaders understand how important the Internet of Things (IoT) will be to their companies—in fact, according to a report by McKinsey & Company, 92 percent of them believe IoT will help them innovate products and improve operations by 2020 ... continue reading