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Diagram displaying context-driven information extraction

Using natural language processing to manage healthcare records

The next time you see your physician, consider the times you fill in a paper form. It may seem trivial, but the information could be crucial to making a better diagnosis. Now consider the other forms of healthcare data that ... continue reading
Investigating identity threats in hybrid cloud environments

Investigating identity threats in hybrid cloud environments

As the modern workplace transforms, the identity attack surface area is growing exponentially, across on-premises and cloud, spanning a multitude of endpoints and applications. Security Operations (SecOps) teams are challenged to monitor user activities, suspicious or otherwise, across all dimensions ... continue reading
Forrester Wave DBaaS tracking chart

Microsoft positioned as a leader in the Forrester WaveTM: Database-as-a-service

We’re excited to share that Forrester has named Microsoft as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Database-as-a-service, Q2 2019. This decision is based on their evaluation of Azure relational and non-relational databases. We believe Microsoft’s position as a leader is ... continue reading

Monitoring on Azure HDInsight Part 3: Performance and resource utilization

This is the third blog post in a four-part series on Monitoring on Azure HDInsight. Part 1 is an overview that discusses the three main monitoring categories: cluster health and availability, resource utilization and performance, and job status and logs ... continue reading
Accelerating smart building solutions with cloud, AI, and IoT

Accelerating smart building solutions with cloud, AI, and IoT

Throughout our Internet of Things (IoT) journey we’ve seen solutions evolve from device-centric models, to spatially-aware solutions that provide real-world context. Last year at Realcomm | IBcon, we announced Azure IoT’s vision for spatial intelligence, diving into scenarios that uniquely ... continue reading

The best practices for performance comparison between Azure SQL Managed Instance and SQL Server

One of the most common tasks that you are performing while migrating from SQL Server to Managed Instance is a comparison of workload performance between the source and destination instance. In this post you will see some recommended tools and ... continue reading

DSC Planning Update – June 2019

It has been almost a year since the last DSC Planning update. There has been a lot going on, many decisions being made, and it just didn’t make sense to post earlier in this calendar year. In this post we ... continue reading
Lessons learned from the Microsoft SOC Part 2b: Career paths and readiness

Lessons learned from the Microsoft SOC Part 2b: Career paths and readiness

The “Lessons learned from the Microsoft SOC” blog series is designed to share our approach and experience with security operations center (SOC) operations, so you can use what we learned to improve your SOC. The learnings in the series come ... continue reading
Diagram representing how Azure Sentinel connects with Azure Security Center

Securing the hybrid cloud with Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel

Infrastructure security is top of mind for organizations managing workloads on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid. Keeping on top of an ever-changing security landscape presents a major challenge. Fortunately, the power and scale of the public cloud has unlocked powerful ... continue reading
Gif image for creating a new automated machine learning experiement

A look at Azure’s automated machine learning capabilities

The automated machine learning capability in Azure Machine Learning service allows data scientists, analysts, and developers to build machine learning models with high scalability, efficiency, and productivity all while sustaining model quality. Automated machine learning builds a set of machine ... continue reading