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Johnson Controls makes working from home easier and more secure with Azure AD and Zscaler ZPA

When it comes to remote work, the employee experience and security are equally important. Individuals need convenient access to apps to remain productive. Companies need to protect the organization from adversaries that target remote workers. Getting the balance right can ... continue reading
Azure AD Mailbag: Managing and reviewing exception lists more rigorously with access reviews

Azure AD Mailbag: Managing and reviewing exception lists more rigorously with access reviews

This is Sue Bohn, Partner Director of Program Management for Microsoft identity solutions. We're back with another mailbag focusing on your common questions on access reviews, an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) identity governance feature. One of my favorite sayings ... continue reading
Solution Architecture

COVID-19 data analytics and reporting with Azure Databricks and Azure SQL

With the evolving need to keep up with growing data volumes, increased data dependency on the business decision making process and the evolution of data platforms with Cloud Computing, enterprises have widely adopted Unified Analytics systems, Data Warehouses and Data ... continue reading
ClaimsXRay in AzureAD with Directory Extension

ClaimsXRay in AzureAD with Directory Extension

Howdy folks! Michele Ferrari here from the Premier Field Engineer- Azure Team in San Francisco, here today to talk about how to use the famous ClaimsXRay application with AzureAD to troubleshoot problems with SAML single sign-on for 3rd party tool ... continue reading

The world is your authentication and identity oyster

This blog post is part of the Microsoft Intelligence Security Association guest blog series. To learn more about MISA, go here. The world is your authentication/identity oyster If you’re older than 10 years of age you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase ... continue reading
Unified search experience across users, devices, applications, and administrative units.

Streamline admin, developer, and end-user experiences—June identity updates

Howdy folks, I'm excited to share new Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) enhancements that will streamline administrator, developer, and end-user experiences. These new features really highlight our efforts to simplify identity and access management, while we also enhance the kinds ... continue reading
How to Defend Users from Interception Attacks via SMB Client Defense

How to Defend Users from Interception Attacks via SMB Client Defense

Hey folks, Ned here again with another guest post. Today we discuss hardening the SMB protocol in Windows against interception attacks, previously referred to as “Man-in-the-Middle” attacks. As you know, interception attacks involve manipulating communications between client and server. An ... continue reading

The psychology of social engineering—the “soft” side of cybercrime

Forty-eight percent of people will exchange their password for a piece of chocolate,[1] 91 percent of cyberattacks begin with a simple phish,[2] and two out of three people have experienced a tech support scam in the past 12 months.[3] What ... continue reading

Protect and Secure Cloud-based Applications using Azure MFA

Introduction In this article, we're going to talk about enabling MFA for applications that are accessed over the internet. This will force users accessing the application from the internet to authenticate with their primary credentials as well as a secondary ... continue reading
Are You Ready for Cloud Only?

Are You Ready for Cloud Only?

Recently I was approached by a customer on concerns and possibilities around going from on-premises to hybrid to cloud only. The customer had successfully gone through the hybrid scenario and was able to remove all known dependencies with their on-premises ... continue reading