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5 internal capabilities to help you increase IoT success

Enterprise IoT adoption is following a path typical of new technologies. Industry standards emerge, but there is competition among them. Companies gradually develop codified frameworks and best practices to structure projects and minimize the risk of failure. However, during this ... continue reading
Attack chain diagram

Analysis of a targeted attack exploiting the WinRar CVE-2018-20250 vulnerability

In early March, we discovered a cyberattack that used an exploit for CVE-2018-20250, an old WinRar vulnerability disclosed just several weeks prior, and targeted organizations in the satellite and communications industry. A complex attack chain incorporating multiple code execution techniques ... continue reading
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Azure Sphere ecosystem accelerates innovation

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to help businesses cut costs and create new revenue streams, but it also brings an unsettling amount of risk. No one wants a fridge that gets shut down by ransomware, a toy that spies ... continue reading

From alert to driver vulnerability: Microsoft Defender ATP investigation unearths privilege escalation flaw

With Microsoft continuously improving kernel mitigations and raising the bar for exploiting native kernel components, third-party kernel drivers are becoming a more appealing target for attackers and an important area of research for security analysts. A vulnerability in a signed ... continue reading

Discrete Device Assignment — Guests and Linux

First published on TECHNET on Nov 24, 2015 In my previous three posts, I outlined a new feature in Windows Server 2016 TP4 called Discrete Device Assignment. This post talks about support for Linux guest VMs, and it’s more of ... continue reading
Reduce the number of admins on your servers with Just Enough Administration

Reduce the number of admins on your servers with Just Enough Administration

First published on TECHNET on Aug 29, 2016 Least Privilege As part of your information security strategy, you are probably familiar with the principle of least privilege . The concept itself is simple -- give your IT staff and end-users ... continue reading

Understanding Software Options for your Datacenter Infrastructure

First published on MSDN on Jun 17, 2011 Hi Cluster Fans, This blog post will help you understand the different software SKU options you have when planning for a virtualized datacenter, private cloud or any other deployment model which uses ... continue reading

Helping security professionals do more, better

I’m on my way to the RSA Conference in San Francisco, California, and am looking forward to connecting with our customers and partners there. We have a lot to talk about. Last week, Ann Johnson announced two new services that ... continue reading
Recommendations for deploying the latest Attack surface reduction rules for maximum impact

Recommendations for deploying the latest Attack surface reduction rules for maximum impact

The keystone to good security hygiene is limiting your attack surface. Attack surface reduction is a technique to remove or constrain exploitable behaviors in your systems. In this blog, we discuss the two attack surface reduction rules introduced in the ... continue reading
XentIT Cloud Security Stack for Azure flowchart

Security for healthcare through vigilant agents and virtual patching

Healthcare organizations depend on data-driven decisions. To enable better decisions and better health outcomes, healthcare organizations are moving to the cloud. There, the latest advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics can be more easily tested and implemented. For ... continue reading