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Vasu Jakkal.

Learn what an AI-driven future means for cybersecurity at Microsoft Secure

Maintaining security across today’s vast digital ecosystem is a team effort. AI and machine learning have helped to detect threats quickly and respond effectively. Yet we all know that the best defense still requires human wisdom and experience. From a ... continue reading

Microsoft and NVIDIA experts talk AI infrastructure

This post has been co-authored by Sheila Mueller, Senior GBB HPC+AI Specialist, Microsoft; Gabrielle Davelaar, Senior GBB AI Specialist, Microsoft; Gabriel Sallah, Senior HPC Specialist, Microsoft; Annamalai Chockalingam, Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA; J Kent Altena, Principal GBB HPC+AI Specialist, Microsoft; ... continue reading

Secure your application traffic with Application Gateway mTLS

I am happy to share that Azure Application Gateway now supports mutual transport layer security (mTLS) and online certificate status protocol (OCSP). This was one of the key questions from our customers as they were looking for more secure communication ... continue reading
Screenshot: Script started without parameters

ConfigMgr Collection Evaluation Analysis The Easy Way

Hi, Jonas here! Or as we say in the north of Germany: "Moin Moin!"I’m a Microsoft Senior Cloud Solution Architect – Engineering (or short Sr. CSA-E) and in this article I want to talk about ConfigMgr Collection Evaluation. About a year ago ... continue reading
Unified Endpoint Security Management Experience Architecture

How to Manage Microsoft Defender Policies with Intune on Non-Managed Devices

Architecture and Capabilities:   From the endpoint security management architecture perspective, this scenario fulfills the gap of managing endpoint security features on unmanaged devices. For Intune managed devices, either cloud-only or co-management scenarios provided the endpoint security management capabilities. Also, ... continue reading

Mitigate risk by integrating threat modeling and DevOps processes

Agile and DevOps are without any doubt two of the biggest security trends of recent years. The rapid rise of the cloud has only fueled the need for flexibility and dynamicity. Therefore, it’s natural for developers and organizations to seek ... continue reading
Figure shows a diagram of a hub and spoke network setup where the spoke virtual network that contains three virtual machines is peered to the hub virtual network. Azure Firewall and NAT gateway are attached to the Azure Firewall Subnet in the hub virtual network. The diagram shows how traffic from the virtual machines in the spoke virtual network connect outbound to the internet through NAT gateway. Return and inbound traffic is sent through Azure Firewall before reaching the virtual machines in the spoke virtual network.

Scale Azure Firewall SNAT ports with NAT Gateway for large workloads

This post was co-authored by Suren Jamiyanaa, Product Manager II, Azure Networking. As large organizations across all industries expand their cloud business and operations, one core criteria for their cloud infrastructure is to make connections over the internet at scale ... continue reading

NetDevOps on Azure

Introduction With every company, across every industry, digitally transforming, tons of modern applications are built at an unprecedented pace and speed, and all rely on the underlying network infrastructure. Networking enables application components to communicate with each other, its dependencies, ... continue reading
The Parent Tag: cm-resource-parent for Azure Cost Management

The Parent Tag: cm-resource-parent for Azure Cost Management

No, not the 1968 movie starring Haley Mills or the 1998 movie with Lindsay Lohan (depending on your vintage) - the parent tag is a new way to group related Microsoft Azure resources in Microsoft Cost Management + Billing. But ... continue reading
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Lessons learned optimizing Microsoft’s internal use of Azure

At Microsoft, we learned a lot from moving our internal operations to Microsoft Azure, lessons we use to make our cloud products work better for our customers. As a top user of Azure, we understand our customers’ obstacles and constraints ... continue reading