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Wipro’s new IMC tool automates app migration to Azure AD

Wipro’s new IMC tool automates app migration to Azure AD

Hello! I’m Sue Bohn, Partner Director of Program Management for Identity and Access Management. In this Voice of the Partner blog post, we’ve invited Prakash Narayanamoorthy, Principal Microsoft Security Architect for Wipro, and Terence Oliver Jayabalan, Practice Partner and Global ... continue reading
New Azure AD Capabilities for Conditional Access and Azure VMs at RSA 2021

New Azure AD Capabilities for Conditional Access and Azure VMs at RSA 2021

Howdy folks! We’re excited to be joining you virtually at RSA Conference 2021 next week. Security has become top-of-mind for everyone, and Identity has become central to organizations’ Zero Trust approach. Customers increasingly rely on Azure Active Directory (AD) Conditional ... continue reading
With the VS Code Static Web Apps extension you can use libraries and frameworks like Angular, React, Svelte, Vue to create your web app.

Develop production-scale modern web apps quickly with Azure Static Web Apps

Azure Static Web Apps was first announced in preview in May 2020 and today we are happy to announce the general availability of Azure Static Web Apps, including a free plan for easy product exploration and a standard plan for ... continue reading
Security recommendation to update Google Chrome for Windows, macOs, and Linux.

Threat and Vulnerability Management now supports all major platforms

We are swiftly adapting to the lasting reality of a hybrid workforce, with the number of remote workers in the US expected to nearly double over the next five years, compared to pre-pandemic times. As a result, security teams are ... continue reading
Unlock the Future of Azure IoT through Power Platform

Low-code development series: Modernize your IoT future with Azure and Microsoft Power Platform

In 2021, each month there will be a monthly blog covering the webinar of the month for the low-code application development (LCAD) on Azure solution. LCAD on Azure is a solution to demonstrate the robust development capabilities of integrating low-code ... continue reading


Dear IT Pros, Ransomware acts with accessing to the files, folders and encrypting them, to respond against it, we need to enable the Windows Defender feature named “Controlled Folder Access” – WDCFA and monitor the Windows Defender Guard Events in ... continue reading

Set Your Alert State Using Azure Automation

Hello blog readers One of recurring questions during my customer engagements on Azure Monitor is: how do I set alert state to either Acknowledged or Closed with no manual intervention? This question is broader and deeper than it appears. In ... continue reading

Finding a Process Which Sporadically Locks the Workstation

Hi all, A customer of mine recently reported an issue that some workstations sporadically lock while the user is working and asked if we could figure out the culprit. Here is the story. First let me mention that Konstantin Chernyi, ... continue reading

You Might Want to Audit Your LAPS Permissions….

Deploy LAPS, Check!  You’re all set, right?  Maybe… Hi team, Eric Jansen here again; I’m back after being reminded by a friend and reader that I've been away for too long. I’m trying to be better about it since I have a ton of content that I'd like to share and talk about, but these days ... continue reading
Using the Serial Console on Windows IaaS VMs

Using the Serial Console on Windows IaaS VMs

If you make a mistake when configuring operating system firewall rules that block you from accessing the VM, or a service is stopping an IaaS VM from booting, or some other configuration problem such as a newly installed application is ... continue reading