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Gogo soars through industry contraction by switching to Azure AD

Hello! In today’s “Voice of the Customer” blog, Chris Szorc, Director of IT Engineering for Gogo, explains how the company cut costs and streamlined their identity and access management as the pandemic was grounding their airline partners, drying up revenue, ... continue reading

Step-by-Step: Configure and manage Microsoft Universal Print

Guest post by Microsoft Customer Engineer, Daniele De Angelis. It's a pleasure to be here again on the . Recently I had the opportunity to try the Microsoft Universal Print, the new cloud printing service on Azure. Today I ... continue reading
April identity updates

April identity updates

Howdy folks, I’m excited to share the latest Active Azure Directory news, including feature updates, support depreciation, and the general availability of new features that will streamline administrator, developer, and end user experiences. These new features and feature updates show ... continue reading

You Might Want to Audit Your LAPS Permissions….

Deploy LAPS, Check!  You’re all set, right?  Maybe… Hi team, Eric Jansen here again; I’m back after being reminded by a friend and reader that I've been away for too long. I’m trying to be better about it since I have a ton of content that I'd like to share and talk about, but these days ... continue reading
Using Managed Identities in Azure Automation Accounts (preview)

Using Managed Identities in Azure Automation Accounts (preview)

Whether it's to repeat common tasks or to automatically respond to a trigger, IT Pros look to automation to help streamline their work and improve their response times. In Azure, runbooks stored in Azure Automation accounts need to use credentials ... continue reading

Is a User A Local Administrator?

Q: Some of the things we do in our logon scripts require the user to be a local administrator. How can the script tell if the user is a local administrator or not, using PowerShell 7. A: Easy using PowerShell ... continue reading

Hybrid Identity: Getting Users Aligned

Hey folks, Eric Woodruff here – Customer Engineer still living and breathing in the world of Azure Active Directory. Today we are going to dive into the specifics of how user accounts in Active Directory are matched to user accounts ... continue reading

How-To: Deploy Microservice Application with Pod Identity Using Helm Chart

In the last blog we discussed how to deploy AKS fully integrated with AAD. Also we discussed deploying add-on for Azure Pod Identity and Azure CSI driver. In the article we will discuss how to create an application that using ... continue reading
Adding a dynamic membership rule to a group in the Azure Portal

Dynamic Groups in Azure AD and Microsoft 365

When I first started in IT, my large organization had an entirely separate "Data Security" team who were responsible for user management - adds/moves/deletes and password resets. They were a small but busy team, handling both calls from users via ... continue reading
The threat matrix for cloud-based Storage services. The matrix consists of the various attack techniques that pose threats to Storage resources.

Threat matrix for storage

The move to cloud is happening faster than ever before and organizations are increasing their dependency on cloud storage services. In fact, Microsoft Azure Storage services are one of the most popular services in the cloud. Companies need effective threat ... continue reading