Wired for Hybrid – Deep Dive 2 – Azure Front Door

Hello folks,

As part of our Wired for Hybrid series, Michael and I have been talking with engineers and product managers about topics that are important when working with azure networking. In this deep dive episode, we're talking with Duong Au senior content developer.

Azure Front Door is a modern cloud Content Delivery (CDN) that provides fast, reliable, and secure access between your users and your applications' static and dynamic web content across the globe. It caters to both dynamic and static content acceleration with built-in turnkey security.

We all should care about Azure Front Door because it can help to reduce the operational burden of running a modern internet application and enables us to make some kinds of changes to our solution without modifying your applications.

Azure Front Door provides several features to help accelerate the performance of your application, protect your application servers from several different types of threats, and create resilient, highly available solutions.

  • Caching: Front Door provides a powerful content delivery (CDN) to cache content at the edge.
  • Compression: Many response types can be compressed, which can improve your application's response time.
  • TLS termination: Connections to Front Door terminate at the closest Front Door point of presence (PoP)
  • End-to-end TLS: Front Door supports end-to-end .
  • Managed TLS certificates: Front Door can issue and manage certificates, ensuring that your applications are protected by strong encryption and trust.
  • Custom TLS certificates: If you need to bring your own certificates,
  • Web application firewall: Front Door's web application (WAF) provides a range of security capabilities to your application.
  • Protocol blocking: Front Door only accepts traffic on the HTTP and HTTPS protocols and will only process valid requests with a known Host header.
  • DDoS protection: Because of Front Door's architecture, it can also absorb large, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and prevent the traffic from reaching your application
  • Private Link origins: Private Link integration helps you to protect your backend applications, ensuring that traffic can only reach your application by passing through Front Door and its security protections.

Watch the deep dive where we demo most of these capabilities.




This article was originally published by Microsoft's Core Infrastructure and Security Blog. You can find the original article here.