Windows Server 2012 R2/IIS8.5 – Automatic Rebind of Renewed Certificates

First published on TECHNET on Apr 28, 2014

Hello All, This is Wes Hammond with Premier Field Engineering back with follow up to a previous blog about automatic renewal of web site certificates.  The original blog can be found in the references below.

IIS 8.5 in 2012 R2 includes a new option that allows certificates renewed via Auto Enrollment to rebind to a Web Site.

Step By Step Instructions:

1. Open IIS Manager and click on the server node. (the setting is a server only setting)

2. Double click on Server Certificates

3. On the right navigation pane click on “Enable Automatic Rebind of Renewed

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This article was originally published by Microsoft's Entra (Azure AD) Blog. You can find the original article here.