What's new with SCOM Management Packs?!

About a year ago, we conducted a survey and requested feedback on UserVoice about management pack for SCOM. Based on all the feedback that we received and constant input from Microsoft support, SCOM PG prioritized those requests, valued its outcomes, and planned few activities.

  • One activity was reviving old but important old MPs which are extensively used by customers, but they lacked updates. Example: Windows , Exchange, HyperV.
  • Another activity was to prevent customers using multiple MPs for different versions of a single workload by transitioning to Version agnostic MP. Example: Windows OS, , ADCS.
  • Most importantly, develop MPs for newer 1P Microsoft. Example: M365, AzStackHCI

Looking at the above plan, we updated and released below Management Packs over the past few months. Additionally, work is in progress for Management Pack on monitoring Microsoft 365, Azure Stack HCI and many more. If you are want to be part of the early testers of these MPs, please write to us at systemcenterfeedback@microsoft.com

MP Name



MP Name in Catalog

Change details

S2D 100782 Storage Spaces Direct 2016+ Fixed multiple cookdown and performance issues.
56560 5.0.1401.2 Data Protection Manager 2016 and above Added Deduplication Management pack and fixed DPM executive summary issue.
ADCS 56671 Active Directory Certification Services 2016 and above Fixed TLS 1.0 issue with Topology discovery and published the MP as version agnostic for 2016 and above.
MP Recommendation NA 10.19.10304.1 Management Pack Recommendations Added Dell EMC Server lightweight discovery to MP recommendations.
2012 MP 2268 Removed v., added language support for v.
Win OS (2012 R2 and Earlier) 9296 6.0.7326.0 Core OS “Volume Name” property discovery issue has fixed for Logical Disks.
Win OS (2016 and above) 54303 Core OS 2016 and above ·       Non-physical NIC's discovery issue has fixed in 2016 and above Adaptor discovery.

·       Display strings are updated from “2016 and 1709+” to “2016 and above”

ADRMS (2016 and above) 55655 Active Directory Rights Management Services 2016 and above The MP has been verified against ADRMS for Windows Server 2016 and above operating systems and branded as version agnostics.
Azure 50013 Microsoft Azure Multiple issues fixed.

We also recognize the need to service Management Pack on a regular basis and, given the plethora of monitoring workloads SCOM caters to, we plan to build a robust and agile way of improving MPs. Getting constant inputs from customers, community and MVPs have immensely given us the energy to push our efforts in the right direction and we greatly appreciate that. We look forward to suggestions in delivering, developing, and improving MPs on a faster basis. After all, change should always be constant.

Feel free to share your comments in the below section and you can write to us at systemcenterfeedback@microsoft.com too.


This article was originally published by Microsoft's ITOps Talk Blog. You can find the original article here.