Welcome to the Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence Tech Community


Welcome to the brand-new Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence (MDTI) Tech Community! Since we launched MDTI in August, we've been thrilled with its positive reception across the community. We'll share the latest content on this page about how you and your team can get the most out of MDTI's industry-leading investigation and discovery capabilities. 

We are also looking forward to hearing from you. The MDTI Tech Community is a great place to offer our engineers and threat researchers feedback about what's working well, the unique ways you're leveraging MDTI, and what you'd like to see us build next. Stay tuned to the MDTI Tech community as we continue the pursuit of making the world a safer place and keeping pace with today's cyber attackers. We'll post all the latest MDTI content here, including: 

: MDTI is powerful in the hands of junior analysts and top threat hunters alike. We'll share the best ways to pivot, search, and explore MDTI data to quickly and confidently uncover threats in your environment and beyond.

Threat hunting tips: MDTI data sets are unique and offer unique threat-hunting capabilities. Here, we'll share the best and latest techniques for leveraging MDTI data, graphed from Microsoft's global collection , to uncover attacker infrastructure across the threat landscape.

New features and product updates: Microsoft is always learning, innovating, and investing to make products that contribute to a safer world. When we launch updates and new features, our community will be some of the first to know. Here, we'll offer a first-hand look at what's next and the opportunities available to MDTI users.

Why DTI and Microsoft Security products are better together: MDTI provides analysts access to the most comprehensive data sets necessary to research, understand, and block modern threats and enhance and incident response. The MDTI Tech Community is the place for topics and conversations around adding advanced threat intelligence into your daily operations to boost your teams' capabilities and performance.

Access to training, workshops, and certifications: We're committed to preparing the threat-hunting community to combat the next generation of threats. Come to the MDTI Tech Community to learn, practice, and become a threat-hunting expert. Visit the MDTI Tech Community to complete training courses, earn certifications, and even help us teach other pros.  

We want to hear from you!

MDTI harnesses the collective intelligence of the security community to develop the world's most relevant and actionable threat intelligence. Join our fast-growing community of security pros and experts to provide product feedback and suggestions and start conversations about how MDTI is helping your team stay on top of threats. 

Our customers are already incorporating DTI into their daily workflows, using Microsoft's advanced dynamic threat intelligence to uncover and understand threat infrastructure and detect threats to defend their organizations. With an open dialogue, we can create a safer internet together.  


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