WAC-Active Directory trust not established or broken. …


I began configuring a Windows Storage Space Direct (S2D) using 3 running on a physical Windows 2019 server. I started the installation using Windows (v2009 Bld: 1.2.2009.21002) Creation wizard. I selected the Windows Server Deploy a failover to run VMs or cluster roles and apps on Windows Servers option. I filled in all the screen information until I got to the end of the Networking: Virtual Switch page. When I clicked Next: Clustering it took me to the Validate Cluster page and presented the following error:

trust not established or broken. Please wait a bit for your domain to establish trust and refresh page…


The error message leads you to believe there is an trust relationship issue with at least one of the nodes. Therefore, I started testing the nodes trust relationships with . I confirmed all the nodes were in the domain and had connectivity with each other and the domain. Running the Test-ComputerSecureChannel command confirmed all the connections and did not show any errors. I could not find any issues with the trust relationship between the nodes and Active Directory.


The time zone was off/misconfigured on one of the nodes. I corrected it, the error went away, and I was able to proceed to Validate the cluster.

Therefore, confirm that the trust relationship with the nodes in the cluster and Active directory is healthy.

If they are all set properly, ensure that the time zone is the same on all S2D nodes. If necessary, set the time zone to the same zone on all the cluster nodes. If it is different on even one of the nodes, you will get the error when entering the Validate Cluster page.

And that is it. The steps above were successful in resolving the issue I had with the S2D-Active Directory trust not established or broken… I hope this post saves you time if you ever encounter these errors. 


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