Unroll multiple arrays in a single Flatten step in ADF

You can now easily unroll multiple arrays inside a single Flatten transformation in and Azure Synapse Analytics using a data pipeline with a Mapping Data Flow.


ADF and Synapse data flows gave a Flatten transformation to make it easy to unroll an array as part of your data transformation pipelines. We've updated the Flatten transformation to now allow for multiple arrays that can be unrolled in a single transformation step. This will make your ETL jobs much simpler with fewer transformation steps.

There is now a plus (+) next to the Unroll Array property where you can add more arrays to your list to unroll. You can also use ADF's meta functions like name and type to find arrays to unroll in your data using patterns. The resulting data will be joined together as a single result set as shown below.



This article was originally published by Microsoft's Azure Data Factory Blog. You can find the original article here.