The MIMWAL (Custom Workflow Activity Library)

First published on MSDN on Jan 15, 2016

The MIMWAL has been officially released…

Before use of this custom Workflow Activity Library or from here on out i will refer to it as the “WAL”, I would recommend reading all the documentation about the WAL and what it can be used for and use it. by navigating to the following site

With in the site you will find a wiki page that will have alot of valuable information to help support work workflows based on the “WAL”.

Additionally periodically Workflows that my colleagues and i have built around the “WAL” will be posted on this Blog.

Workflow Examples

(WAL) – Workflow Example – Employee ID Generator

(WAL) – Workflow Example – Create Home Directory

(WAL) – Workflow Example – Create Admin Accounts

(WAL) – Workflow Example – Create All Resource Set for a New Resource


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