System Center Operations Manager Update Roll-up 3


We are back to announce the release of Update Rollup 3(UR3) for System Center 2019! UR3 comes fully loaded with extended auditing capabilities, performance improvements, monitoring enhancements and web console improvements. Let's dig into each of these aspects below.

Extended auditing capabilities

2019 UR3 includes updates to the change tracking feature for management packs that was well received by our customers in UR2.For SCOM customers with large scale environments it is critical to be able to quickly identify root causes for issues caused due to changes done by any user in SCOM .The change tracking feature provides auditing capabilities for management packs that allows customers to track WHAT changes are done by WHOM and WHEN? This feature has been further rounded off to now support tracing of agents (windows or agents) and the ability to track monitor health reset related actions. There are 2 new reports created in SCOM that show these changes.

  1. The Agent tracking report gives details on the actions such as install/uninstall/repair/upgrade carried out on Windows or agents. A sample report can be seen below:


  1. Monitor Health Reset Tracking Report: Change tracking for monitor health reset is the next addition made in UR3. You can see health reset actions on the monitors as a consolidated view under Reports via the Monitor Health Reset Tracking report.


Users can export both the new reports as an Excel, PDF, Notepad and edit the exported content if needed. The reports can also be filtered by date/time, username, and monitor name.

Other enhancements to the change tracking feature include the ability to customize when and how the change tracking data from the DB is synced to the , this helps in ensuring the DB performance is optimized and data is being stored for the appropriate periods of time based on legal requirements and sizing . Customers can override the default values for synchronization of change tracking data in and also customize the parameters of the groom change tracking data workflow through the Data Warehouse Job Status Information Grooming rule based on their specific needs.

Performance Improvements in SCOM

Operations Manager 2019 UR3 also comprises many performance improvements which has been one of the key focus areas for SCOM. Load time of the windows computer view in the operations console and load time of views when any changes are made to a user's role privileges have been vastly improved by optimizing the relevant SQL queries.

In the past lack of grooming of maintenance mode staging table in Data Warehouse was leading to the increase in utilization of the database that was found to cause decrease in performance of the operations manager's console. With the Operations Manager 2019 UR3, an index has been added to the maintenance mode staging table that facilitates the efficient grooming of this table leading to performance improvements of the operations console.

Linux Monitoring enhancements

We also continue to invest in enhancing the cross-platform monitoring capabilities of SCOM to cater to the rapidly increasing diverse environments of customers. Cross-platform related enhancements include support for RHEL 6 via the RHEL6 management pack and 1.2 support for Solaris 10 SPARC in UR3. Reliability and performance improvements have correspondingly been added to the Linux agent, for example in earlier releases changes to log-level settings of OMI processes required an agent restart, in UR3 log-level settings can now be changed without the need for restarting the agent .In addition filters have been introduced in the Linux management pack to help users customize the discovery and monitoring scope of the entities of interest.

Last but not the least additional view options in web console widgets have been added and you can now sort the results columns in the Alert widget and State widget, along with being able to group the columns.

Additionally, fixes for critical defects continue to be a part of UR3. Find more details at the following link:

KB Article- Update Rollup 3 (UR3) for System Center 2019 Operations Manager. For the details of features that are released in Update Rollup 3, see the following Microsoft Docs article: What's New in System Center Operations Manager 2019 Update Rollup 3. We sincerely hope you enjoy the SCOM 2019 Update Roll up 3. Upgrade Now!


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