Support Tip: DPM recovery point or consistency check for a protected VMware VM fails with FileFaultFault error

First published on TECHNET on Jan 16, 2017

~ Maanas Saran | Program Manager | Microsoft

When attempts to make a point or run a consistency check for a protected VMware virtual machine (), the job can fail with a



error like the one shown below.

DPM encounterd error from VMware while trying to get ChangeTracking information. Server – Vmware_Server_name.  ErrorCode –


(ID 33621 Details: Internal error code: 0x80990EF3)

This can occur for one of the following reasons:

1. VMware vCenter and vSphere versions 5.5 and 6.0, including all updates, are supported by Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS) as well as the current releases of Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM).  If any version less than 5.5 is connected with MABS/DPM servers, you can receive this


error. To resolve this error, update VMware to version 5.5 or higher. Note that the update procedure includes a reboot of the host computer. You must ensure that the reboot is complete before the problem will be resolved.

2. MABS and DPM do not support protection of VMware VMs with
disks. Attempting to protect a VM with
mode enabled

(as shown below) will result in the



[Thanks to Josh Gulick MSFT for this tip]
If another backup product has protected a VMWare VM prior to DPM it will cause several change block tracking errors. This requires slightly different steps, which you can find

in this blog post


To resolve this error, complete the following:

a. Disable and then re-enable “Changed Block Tracking” (CBT) on the VM experiencing the problem. For more information see the following VMware articles:

Be aware that when CBT is disabled or enabled, the VM must go through a stun/unstun cycle (power off/power on). Make sure this cycle is complete before proceeding.

b. Disable Independent mode by deselecting the Independent checkbox.

Once this is complete, creating a point or running a consistency check for a protected VMware should complete successfully.

Maanas Saran
| Program Manager | Microsoft

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