Service Map management pack in public preview

First published on TECHNET on Aug 16, 2017

Have you ever tried to use Distributed Applications in , but got frustrated with the manual process of creating the diagrams? They can be difficult to create and harder to maintain in modern, dynamic systems.

Wouldn't it be great if those diagrams could be built and maintained for you automatically? With the public preview of the new Service Map management pack, that reality is here.

Service Map is an Azure service

automatically discovers application components on Windows and systems and maps the communication between services. You can create diagrams for individual servers or complex maps of groups of servers representing your business services.

With this new integration, you can take the dynamic maps that Service Map creates and have them automatically create and maintain your Distributed Application Diagrams in . As your business services change, your diagrams will change along with them. Now, you can set up dashboards showing the health of your services and trust that the underlying Distributed Applications represent the real-world infrastructures, even as they change.

For more information, look at the

online documentation


download the management pack

and try it out for yourself.

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– David Irwin


This article was originally published by Microsoft's Azure SQL Database Blog. You can find the original article here.