SDN: Migrating from Rest Name to Static IP | Remove worries of DNS!


[Special Thanks to Adam Rudell, our Sr. Support Escalation Engineer, for putting together an excellent video and tutorial]

Hello Community! 

Today, when you deploy Software Defined Networking via SDNExpress or Windows (WAC), you must provide a REST DNS name.  This is often referred to as a Dynamic DNS deployment.    The northbound API endpoint (REST name) is used for all of our clients and management experience. For example, if the moves from one Controller (NC) VM to another, the API service will perform a DNS registration to update the northbound API record.  In some instances, additional security hardening or third-party integration could cause issues with the DNS registration.  

Introducing Static IP configuration for Controller REST! 

With a Static IP configuration, when a replica moves to another NC , the API service simply programs a secondary IP with no DNS registration call.  This provides fault tolerance and relaxes the DNS registration requirements of SDN. 

Static IP can be used with a new SDN deployment OR existing SDN deployments! Check out the video that Adam Rudell, our Sr. Support Escalation Engineer, for an in-depth walk through of configuring this on a new SDN deployment, an existing SDN deployment, and then even moving back to a Dynamic DNS configuration!  Also, ICYMI, we launched a new YouTube channel focused entirely on Microsoft SDN across our Edge portfolio – be sure to Like, Subscribe, and Follow as we continue to post more content!


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