SCOM MP for M365 – V3 CTP

We are back with the latest version (in CTP) of M365 MP and have very exciting changes to talk about.

With this update, Users can now opt between their choice of MP i.e., Application (which is available currently), Delegated or . Monitoring requirement for Microsoft Teams is ever growing, so we have added a synthetic transaction for Teams chat and are replacing Skype NAT ( Assessment Tool) with Teams NAT. Lastly, Management servers & Gateways can be used as Watcher nodes. To keep it short, below is a list of updates that we are bringing in with V3 CTP.

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Download M365 MP V3 CTP version.

  1. Allow client secret, delegated or

  2. Support Teams Assessment tool

  3. SKU license warning and critical thresholds are now defined as specific numbers rather than percentages and are defined on a per-SKU basis rather than one value applying equally to all SKUs

  4. Office response time performance collection rule can now test against ports (for example, HTTPS or port 443)

  5. Fixes to several bugs with Service Health alerts reported by users

  6. Add Teams Chat to Teams synthetic transaction (delegated only)

  7. Allow management servers and gateways to be used as watcher nodes

  8. Added monitor for certificates used in watcher node subscriptions

  9. Direct (HTTPS) link to Microsoft 365 Service Incident from Alert context


This article was originally published by Microsoft's Entra (Azure AD) Blog. You can find the original article here.