Our UK Windows Directory Services Escalation Team is Hiring – Support Escalation Engineers.


First published on TechNet on Feb 17, 2014

Hi! Its Linda Taylor here again from the Directory Services Escalation team in the UK. In this post, I want to tell you –

We are hiring in the UK!!

Would you like to join the UK Escalation Team and work on the most technically challenging and interesting problems? Do you want to be the next “Ned Pyle”?

Then read more…

We are an Escalation Team based in Microsoft Campus in Reading (UK). We are part of Microsoft Global Business Support and we work with enterprise customers helping them resolve the most critical infrastructure problems as well as enabling our customers to get the best of Microsoft Windows and Identity related technologies. The work we do is no ordinary support – we work with a huge variety of customer environments and there are rarely two problems which are the same. We are the experts in our field and we work closely with the product group to help make Windows and all our other technologies better.

You will need strong AD knowledge, great customer services skill, strong skills and great collaboration and team work.

You can find more of the job details here:




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