OPS116: Monitoring and Responding to alerts in hybrid environments using Azure Monitor

A deep dive on how Microsoft Retail has leveraged , Log Analytics, Azure , PowerShell and other readily available products to monitor all their on-prem system, including in-store Video walls.

In this session we will discuss how you can respond to an alert. When an alert (either from Log Analytics via App Insights, , , external data) is triggered, it initiates an action (defined by the action group) that calls the entry-point (basically a webhook or normal url), a PowerShell framework looks up metadata for the component that triggered the alert, and calls the user-defined self-healing PowerShell script.

If the self-healing script fails, or doesn't exist, a support ticket (using your own ticketing system) is created for the owner of the component, and any/all details of the alert and subsequent root cause data gathered by self-healing script are added to the ticket.


Erik Namtvedt – Senior service engineer

This session includes:

0:00 Introduction
1:33 Agenda
2:00 History
5:15 Design
6:55 Overview of the response framework
10:45 Implementation
14:40 Step through Explanation
30:59 Real World Example
49:00 Additional uses/POCs
58:30 Wrap Up

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