New SCOM Web Console – Blog series (Post 1/5): Overview

First published on TECHNET on Feb 12, 2018


This series of blogs intends to introduce the new  Web Console released in  1801. For details on implementation and other parameters please refer to the

detailed documentation

. This blog is designed to be a bit more informal and describes the different features by associating them to use cases.

The series is divided into different parts and it is recommended to read them in order for better understanding.

After going through this series of blogs a user would:

  • Get a fair idea about the new  Web Console and the different features added to it
  • Understand the new dashboard capability
  • Understand the different widgets and their customizations
  • Learn about the different dashboard and widget actions
  • Learn about the drilldown feature and how it can be used to investigate issues
  • Get a walkthrough on create a custom web application on SCOM REST APIs

This series consists of the following other blogs:



new in SCOM





The SCOM 1801 release marks the inception of a faster, modern, flexible and more reliable HTML based Web Console. The Web Console has been given a complete reboot to ensure that it fulfills modern day monitoring needs (and yes, it is now completely

free from



This is another step towards our continuous commitment to the SCOM community and we would like to give a big thanks to all our customers who voted this as the top most requested feature in SCOM

User Voice

. We are really excited about this new Web Console and we strongly believe that you'd just fall in love with it!

Still using Silverlight? Don't worry, we've got that covered too! The Silverlight dashboards are available in a new URL:


The new SCOM Web Console brings back the ! This is what you'd see when you visit the Web Console for the first time:

Choose your preferred login option and you are in, welcome to the new SCOM Web Console!

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