MSIX – The MSIX Packaging Tool – Creating the first package

First published on MSDN on Aug 13, 2018
In an earlier post we spoke about preparing the MSIX packaging machine. Now we describe using the MSIX packaging tool for the first time.

We recommend starting with a ‘simple' application first. For example, Remote Desktop Connection Manager .The use of MSIX is of course not focused on virtualizing administrative tools, but in this instance the application is  small, simple and ideal for use as a starter package.

Before we start you will need to create a Virtual Machine as described in the previous post, and have downloaded Remote Desktop Connection Manager ( ).

Note : Due to some limitations within the MSIX Packaging Tool preview, you should explicitly follow the steps given to be able to reproduce the results.

  1. Start the MSIX Packaging Tool from the start menu and Select “Create your app package”

2. The First step of the “Create your app package” Wizard you  will need to enter the installation source and optionally, setup arguments

3. After this enter the Metadata for the package.

  • In this dialog window you need to ensure the “Publisher Name” and “Publisher Display Name” are correct. This needs to correspondent with the you are going to use to sign the package.
  • The “Install location” needs to be empty.

4. The MSIX Packager tool now prepares the machine for capturing and the Desktop Connection Manager installer will be started.
You can proceed with the standard setup

5. The next steps in this Wizard are currently not available. Therefore nothing to do here.

6. On the final “Create package” step it is time to specify the “save location” and optionally provide the location of your code signing .

Please be aware that signing the package will not work very well at the moment. In case of error the following post will guide you through the process to successfully sign the package. In any case the MSIX will be created

7. We now have a MSIX package which concludes this post

More information and workflows to  follow within the course of the next weeks.

Enjoy creating your first MSIX!

Johannes Freundorfer, Ingmar Oosterhoff and Matthias Herfurth


This article was originally published by Microsoft's Core Infrastructure and Security Blog. You can find the original article here.