Microsoft Entra Tech Accelerator: technical skilling on demand

Editor's note (7.21.2023): All Tech Accelerator sessions are now available on demand!

The Microsoft Entra Tech Accelerator is designed to help you and your team learn about and implement our latest solutions as unveiled at our digital event Reimagine secure access with Microsoft Entra in July. All sessions were streamed live on Microsoft Tech Community, YouTube, and Twitter – and are now available on demand for you to skill up at your convenience!

Microsoft Entra Tech Accelerator: July 2023

During the live event, we provided an opportunity for you to ask questions and chat live with our team. Select a topic below to watch the recorded session and view the Q&A!

  • Introducing Microsoft Entra Internet Access
    Secure access to all internet resources and, SaaS, and Microsoft 365 apps with Microsoft Entra Internet Access —an identity-centric secure web gateway (SWG) solution. Learn how this solution unifies access controls to close security gaps and minimize the risk of cyberthreats, while simplifying and modernizing traditional security.
  • Introducing Microsoft Entra Private Access
    First, watch a deep dive on Microsoft Entra Private Access so you can better secure access to all private apps and resources, for users anywhere, with an identity-centric Zero Trust Access (ZTNA) solution. Learn how this solution can help you remove the risk and operational complexity of legacy VPNs while boosting user productivity and lowering cost. After the deep dive, we bring out all our Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Private Access SMEs for an Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA).
  • Ask Microsoft Anything: Azure AD is being renamed
    On July 11, Microsoft announced that is being renamed to Microsoft . No action is needed from you — but here's a chance to learn more about the rename from the marketing and product teams, get details on what's NOT changing, find guidance for updating the name in your content, and hear the team address concerns and questions.
  • Prevent identity compromise with Microsoft Entra ID Protection
    Learn use Microsoft Protection to block identity takeover in real time. Instead of reactively revoking access based on stale data, harness the power of advanced (ML) to identify sign-in anomalies and anomalous user behavior and then block, challenge, or limit access in real time. With these insights showcased in a brand new dashboard, IT and identity practitioners can further investigate their security posture in additional tools and applications for enhanced recommendations.
  • Advancements in Microsoft Entra ID Governance
    With Microsoft Entra ID Governance, you can balance your organization's need for security and employee productivity with the right processes and visibility. Let's look at the latest capabilities that can help you govern the identity and access lifecycles and provide secure, privileged access for admins. Whether your services and applications are on-premises are across multiple clouds, you can ensure the right people have the right access to the right resources at the right time. We walk you through some demos and details then switch to an open Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA) format to answer your questions.
  • Build secure and scalable apps: Microsoft Entra External ID
    Join us for a deep dive on Microsoft Entra External ID! Explore the future of this newest incorporated identity solution for external users and see next-generation customer identity and access management come to life with demos and walkthroughs. If you need to personalize and help secure access to apps for customers, patients, citizens, guests, partners, and suppliers, this is a must-attend session! We also spend the second half of this session providing the answers you need to move forward and build great (and secure) apps!

Again, if you haven't already, start your learning journey with out digital event Reimagine secure access with Microsoft Entra to learn how establishing identity as your first line of defense can help you be more secure, resilient, and efficient in our connected world.

All year long, you can join Security, Compliance, and Identity on the Tech Community to continue technical product learning and join discussions led by Microsoft's subject matter experts and community members.

Thanks for all you do to secure our world.

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