Managing MDTI Premium licenses in Microsoft Entra Admin Center

This blog details assign and manage Threat Intelligence (MDTI) licenses and contains links to helpful content and resources. It is intended for customers who recently purchased the MDTI Premium SKU or a SKU that enables MDTI Premium access for its user base, such as Copilot for Security. Global administrators or identity governance administrators responsible for assigning MDTI user seat assignments will find it particularly useful. 

Prerequisites to assigning MDTI premium licenses 

Your Microsoft account team should have notified you that your MDTI procurement processing has been complete and requested that you view the available licenses within your respective tenant. If your agreement has not been fully processed, you will not be able to view the “ Threat Intelligence” licenses. 

Instructions to assign MDTI Premium Licenses 

As mentioned above, global administrators or identity governance administrators are responsible for assigning MDTI premium licenses to users, and should review the following Microsoft Learn resources for for assigning licenses to users within Microsoft Entra Admin Center


Figure 1 – This is how your “ Threat Intelligence” MDTI Premium SKU licenses appear in Microsoft Entra  

Troubleshooting MDTI Premium Seat Assignments 

  1. Ensure that you have the permissions to assign “Defender Threat Intelligence” licenses. Only global administrators or identity governance administrators have the appropriate permissions to assign user licenses. 
  2. Check with your Microsoft Account team that your MDTI Premium SKU agreement has been processed. 

If you have completed the steps above and still cannot locate your “Defender Threat Intelligence” licenses in Microsoft Entra Admin Center, please work with your Microsoft account team to engage a CSA or another technical resource for further support. 

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