Linux Integration Services download Version 4.1.2

First published on TECHNET on Aug 10, 2016

We are pleased to announce the availability of Integration Services (LIS) 4.1.2. This point release of the LIS download expands supported releases to Red Hat Enterprise , CentOS, and Oracle with Red Hat Compatible Kernel 6.8. This release also includes upstream bug fixes and performance improvements not included in previous LIS downloads.

See the separate PDF file “Linux Integration Services v4-1c.pdf” for more information.

The LIS download is an optional way to get Linux Integration Services updates for certain versions of Linux. To determine if you want to download LIS refer to the blog post

“Which Linux Integration Services should I use in my Linux VMs?”

Download Location

The Linux Integration Services download is available either as a disk image (ISO) or gzipped tar file. The disk image can be attached to a virtual machine, or the tar file can upload and expanded to install these kernel modules. Refer to the instruction PDF available separately from the download named “Linux Integration Services v4-1c.pdf”

Linux Integration Services documentation

See also the TechNet article “Linux and FreeBSD on ” for a comparison of LIS features and for use here:

Source Code

Linux Integration Services code is open source released under the GNU Public License version 2 (GPLv2) and is freely available at the LIS GitHub project here:

and in the upstream Linux kernel:


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