INTUNE – Intune and Autopilot Part 3 – Preparing your environment

First published on MSDN on Oct 11, 2018
To be able to start using AutoPilot, there are some prerequisites.

We are going to start with company branding.

  • For AutoPilot, the Sign-in page text and the “Square logo image”, highlighted below, need to be specified. The other are optional

  • Specify your sign-in page text, and upload your square logo and click Save
  • Another key part is the Azure tenant name. This was filled in when you created the tenant and can be modified by clicking Azure >> Properties, and changing the Name
  • As a prerequisite, we need to enable automatic enrollment.

This can be done by clicking Azure >> Mobility (MDM and MAM) >> Intune
Change the MDM user scope to All . Leave MAM set to None and click save

Looks like we're all set up for AutoPilot. Next steps would involve adding some devices to windows AutoPilot and create a profile of settings, but we'll cover that in the next post

Ingmar Oosterhoff, Matthias Herfurth and Johannes Freundorfer


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