Introducing the Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence Community


Microsoft Threat Intelligence (MDTI) is a complete threat intelligence platform that enables security professionals to ingest, analyze and act upon massive signal collected from across the internet, processed by security experts and . It allows users to uncover and understand their organization's external , including context around vulnerabilities and the tools and systems adversaries use to attack and exploit them.

Microsoft Threat Intelligence Standard Edition (formerly known as Community) is a free, lightweight version of MDTI, offering the same industry-leading threat-hunting experience with limited access to MDTI's data sets. Users can expedite investigations by connecting internal activity, events, and incident indicators of compromise (IOCs) artifacts to external threats, attackers, and threat tooling.

Below is an overview of the Standard and Premium user experience. Organizations interested in purchasing Premium licenses may do so by getting in touch with their Microsoft Commercial Executive (read more). Any user with a Microsoft account (e.g.,, can sign up for an MDTI Standard account. Users that sign into the MDTI platform,, will go through Microsoft's standard process to log in. 

Datasets/Features Standard  Premium 
30-day Trial N/A Yes
Analyst Insights No Yes
Components 14 Day History Unlimited
Cookies No Yes
CVE Articles Yes Yes
MDTI Article Indicators No Yes
No Yes
DNS / Reverse 14 Day History Yes
Host Pairs No Yes
PDNS Resolution 14 Day History Unlimited
Project Limit 5 Unlimited
Projects Private
Reputation No Yes
Services Yes Yes
Certificates 14 Day History Unlimited
Subdomains Yes Yes
Trackers 14 Day History Unlimited
WHOIS History No Yes

MDTI Standard edition puts advanced Microsoft threat intelligence and investigation capabilities in the hands of defenders across the globe, free of charge. By registering, threat hunters and incident responders have instant access to actionable, integrated, and relevant intelligence derived from the trillions of signals collected by Microsoft to become active contributors to defending the internet for all.

Register for MDTI Standard for free today.


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