Introducing our CNAPP mastery e-book!

Have you completed all of the Microsoft security ninja training? Now we have a new CNAPP mastery e-book for you to enjoy! Today we released an e-book all about CNAPP (Cloud Native Application Protection Platform) that has been written by some of the leading experts out there.

If you don't already know, CNAPP is a framework for securing cloud-native applications and infrastructure. The book is packed with valuable information on create a unified, proactive, and holistic strategy that covers all aspects of cloud security. From threat detection and scaling to governance and compliance, this book has got you covered. 

Here's a TL;DR of the key topics to give you a taster:

  • Comprehensive and integrated cloud security approach: We introduce the concept of CNAPP, a framework for securing cloud-native applications and infrastructure, and explain the role of Microsoft for Cloud as a CNAPP solution.
  • Scalability and customization of Microsoft for Cloud: We discover how Microsoft for Cloud can adapt to the diverse needs of different organizations, regardless of their size and complexity. We discover how the platform's can scale its services, customize its features, and align its security measures with the specific requirements and objectives of a business.
  • Streamlining compliance in a complex regulatory environment: Learn about how CNAPP simplifies the compliance journey for organizations by automating compliance-related tasks, providing continuous compliance monitoring, and offering a dynamic compliance framework. We'll also discuss how the CNAPP helps organizations stay updated with the latest regulatory standards, identify and rectify compliance drifts, and provide actionable insights and recommendations.
  • Embracing the shift-left paradigm in cloud security: The document advocates for a shift-left approach to cloud security, which involves integrating security practices early in the development lifecycle of cloud applications. The document illustrates how Microsoft Defender for Cloud facilitates this approach by providing tools and capabilities that enable developers to identify and address security concerns during the coding process, and by ensuring a seamless transition of security practices from code development to cloud deployment.
  • Empowering SOC with advanced insights: Learn about integrating CNAPP insights into SOC operations. Understand how the CNAPP's advanced analytics capabilities improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security monitoring and incident response, by providing a nuanced and comprehensive view of the security landscape, enabling rapid and strategic decision-making.

Sounds good? You can download the free CNAPP e-book here and take your expertise to the next level.



This article was originally published by Microsoft's Defender for Cloud Blog. You can find the original article here.