Introducing optional Source settings for DelimitedText and JSON sources for top-level CDC resource

In January, we announced the public preview of top-level CDC resource in ADF and followed up with real-time latency support for top-level CDC resource around March. Based on your feedback, we are now enabling additional source configurations for Delimited Text sources and JSON sources, which can be set optionally within a top-level CDC resource in ADF.

Previously for Delimited Text sources, we provided support for Comma as the only Column delimiter. Now when you select Delimited Text source for your CDC resource, you can set advanced source configurations which includes the selection of Compression type, Encoding, Column delimiter, Row Delimiter, Quote character, Escape character, and First row as header.

Fig 1: Delimited Text Source settingsFig 1: Delimited Text Source settings

For JSON sources, previously the default document type was set to Document per line but now we have included support for Single document, Document per line, and Array of documents as document types. Additional settings for Unquoted column name, Has comments, Single quoted, and Backslash escaped have been added as well. 

Fig 2: JSON Source settingsFig 2: JSON Source settings

NOTE: These source settings are optional for selection and if not manually edited, they are set to the default values.

As we continue to add more features within top-level ADF CDC, we hope these optional source settings for DelimitedText and JSON sources help. Please continue to share your feedback in the comments!


This article was originally published by Microsoft's Azure Data Factory Blog. You can find the original article here.