Impact of Changes to Update Channels for Microsoft 365 Apps

As previously announced, Microsoft recently made changes to the update channels for Microsoft 365 Apps. For the official announcement of these changes, read this blog post. For Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager admins that manage Microsoft 365 Apps updates, actions may be required depending on your environment.

Update packages in the Microsoft Update Catalog began using the new product name starting with releases on June 18, 2020. If you use an automatic deployment rule (ADR) to deploy updates using Configuration Manager, and you rely on the “Title” property, you will need to make changes to your ADR.

For example, the title of an update package released prior to June 9th, 2020 looks something like the following example:

Office 365 Client Update – Semi-annual Channel Version 1908 for x64 based Edition (Build 11929.20708)

For update packages released on and after June 18, 2020, the title of the update package will look something like the following example:

Microsoft 365 Apps Update – Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel Version 1908 for x64 based Edition (Build 11929.50000)

NOTE: Microsoft 365 Apps updates released on the regular June “patch Tuesday” on the 9th were replaced (and expired) by rebranded updates released on June 18th. If you have synced Microsoft 365 Apps updates since June 18th and have not fully deployed the updates released on the 9th, actions may be required.

  • If you use an ADR that relies on the “Title” property, you'll need to make changes as noted above to pick up the latest updates released.
  • If you manually deployed the updates released on the 9th, which are now expired, you will need to select the latest updates to continue your deployments.
  • No action is required if your ADR does not rely on the “Title” property.
  • Microsoft 365 Apps updates released on July “patch Tuesday” on the 14th will of course be published using the new channel and product names.

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@Yvette O'Meally first it looked like there are no major impacts. I declined that from the beginning as Office 365 MCSA. 

See also…

Actions are also required for people not using MECM. There is more than channel renaming. 

Renaming also affect and other processes. 

Updating Office ADMX at least 2 times a years,

Updating ODT at least two times a year including checking their XML.

Checking their GPOs. 

Everything without notice, outside blogs and social media. 

One has to check for updates frequently and manually. 

Hello @K_Wester-Ebbinghaus, thanks for the feedback.  I'd like to know if your points are specifically for this rename or more generally for notice about updates to the files and/or the Office Deployment Tool?

The M365 Apps team has also provided these reference docs. 

Best Regards

-Yvette O'Meally


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