How Microsoft Purview and Priva support the partner ecosystem

Today, many enterprise organizations are multicloud and multiplatform. Critical enterprise data is located across clouds and platforms, requiring security and compliance no matter where it lives. To solve the complexity that comes with these environments, organizations have invested in multiple point solutions, which in turn can make it hard for them to manage the fragmented compliance and risk posture covering their entire data estate. To help organizations meet today's global compliance and risk requirements across their multicloud, multiplatform data environments, we announced Microsoft Purview in April 2022.

Three columns with text explaining that Microsoft Purview helps customers understand and govern data across their environment, safeguard their data across clouds, apps, and devices, and improve data risk and compliance posture with regulatory requirements.

Microsoft Purview is a portfolio of solutions for information protection, data governance, risk management, and compliance that enables organizations to effectively manage their data all from one place. It provides enhanced visibility that organizations can leverage across their environment to help close gaps that can lead to data exposure, simplify tasks through , stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements, and keep their most important asset—their data—secured. Partners play a critical role in helping customers manage their entire data estate. We've invested in connectors, APIs, and extensibility to support partners and help customers manage their data. 

Microsoft Purview product announcements

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of the new Microsoft Graph APIs for Microsoft Purview eDiscovery. With the new Microsoft Purview eDiscovery APIs, organizations can leverage to streamline common, repetitive workflows that require a lot of manual effort in the product experience.

Customers and partners find and extensibility of eDiscovery workflows critically important because of the ability to reduce the potential for human error in highly sensitive workflows. For example, efficiently managing repeatable, defensible processes is critical to managing risk for organizations that have significant requirements for litigation and investigation.

Here are some of the ways partners are building value-added solutions and services using our Microsoft Purview eDiscovery APIs:

Relativity integrates with Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium)

Relativity, Microsoft's Security ISV of the Year for 2022, shared that “using the right tools to put business's data into action is essential for many eDiscovery and compliance use cases. RelativityOne integration with Microsoft Purview eDiscovery significantly expedites the eDiscovery review process, minimizes data copies across multiple platforms, facilitates third-party collaboration, and ultimately reduces costs while the data remains secure within the Microsoft cloud. Now is the time to benefit from RelativityOne's integration with Microsoft's Purview's eDiscovery platform,” said Chris Izsak, Strategic Partnerships GTM Manager, Relativity.

Relativity's RelOne user experience showing integration with Microsoft Purview eDiscovery.

BDO's Athenagy integrates with Microsoft Purview eDiscovery

BDO's Athenagy creates dashboards using both Microsoft Purview eDiscovery and RelativityOne. Their “patent-pending business intelligence dashboards now provide legal, IT, and compliance professionals a whole new level of data transparency and cost containment by surfacing up critical insights inside both Microsoft Purview eDiscovery—using the newly released Microsoft Purview eDiscovery APIs—and RelativityOne tied to legal hold, collect, preservation, processing, and review for every investigation, compliance, and litigation matter,” said Daniel Gold, inventor of Athenagy and managing director of E-Discovery Managed Services, BDO.

Athenagy's user experience showing data from Microsoft Purview eDiscovery.

Epiq Global integrates with Microsoft Purview eDiscovery

Epiq leverages Microsoft Purview eDiscovery APIs to create an end-to-end eDiscovery workflow. “Utilizing the Microsoft Purview eDiscovery APIs allows us to automate within Microsoft Purview to use inputs from our customer's existing legal hold system of record to seamlessly orchestrate an end-to-end workflow including sending hold notices, preserving data in place, and performing searches, collections, and exports. When updates are made in the system of record, the changes are propagated directly to the appropriate piece of eDiscovery to ensure parity. An automated solution eliminates human error, reduces administrative costs, and ensures that eDiscovery processes are in sync with your issuance of legal holds,” said Jon Kessler, Vice President of Information Governance Services, Epiq.

Lighthouse integrates with Microsoft Purview eDiscovery

Lighthouse uses Microsoft Purview eDiscovery APIs to create “a rich and intuitive user experience, taking advantage of custodian data mapping, in-place preservation, modern attachment retrieval, and advanced culling. Our automation and orchestration solution is designed to improve user efficacy with job failure oversight, completion notification, and automatic provisioning and management of Azure containers. Clients embracing this solution benefit from automation and orchestration to fully leverage Purview Premium eDiscovery's apps securely and at scale,” said John Collins, Director of Advisory Services, Lighthouse (winner of the Compliance and Privacy Trailblazer award for 2022).

Growth opportunities for partners

The opportunity for our partners who invest in the Microsoft compliance ecosystem continues to grow. Our partners are finding success by building value-added solutions and services around Microsoft's solutions at an increasing rate. For example, partners are creating solutions that connect disparate information repositories for enterprise-wide compliance initiatives.

Microsoft partners continue to have the ability to participate in our successful go-to-market program, the partner build-intent workshops. These workshops cover the Microsoft Security portfolio and help drive customer success with Microsoft products and partner services through prescriptive scenarios that address the top pain points of our customers. These workshops have been updated to give partners the ability to uncover additional opportunities leveraging the most up-to-date tools and solutions. Discover all our partner workshops and get started with unlocking opportunities and value with your customers.

How Microsoft supports the partner ecosystem

The Microsoft Purview platform enables our customers and partners to adapt, extend, integrate, and automate information protection, data governance, risk management, and compliance scenarios. These capabilities are enabled through our investments in these key building blocks:

Microsoft Purview APIs: We are constantly expanding our API surface area. With our investments in Microsoft Graph APIs we currently enabling extensibility scenarios across Purview Information Protection, Purview Data Lifecycle Management, Purview eDiscovery, Purview Audit, and more. Partners are using these APIs to build value-added services and solve unique customer scenarios.

Microsoft Purview Data Connectors: To enable high-fidelity data ingestion—including sources such as Slack, Zoom, and WhatsApp, we have partnered with Veritas, TeleMessage, 17a-4, and CellTrust to deliver more than 70 ready-to-use connectors. Our extensibility push provides more opportunities for partners to join this connector ecosystem.

Microsoft Purview Data Catalog: Microsoft Purview's unified data governance capabilities help with managing on-premises, multicloud, and software as a service (SaaS) data. Microsoft Purview Data Catalog supports multicloud data classification and covers data repositories such as DB and Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 buckets. There is also an Atlas Kafka API that facilitates extensibility scenarios for our partners and customers.

Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager: With universal templates, we help partners and customers extend compliance management capabilities to non-Microsoft environments.

Power Automate integrations: Microsoft Purview solutions including Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management, Insider Risk Management, and Communication Compliance have built-in Power Automate integrations. This offers unique opportunities for our partners and customers to streamline and automate workflows and business scenarios.

Another way Microsoft supports the ecosystem is through the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). MISA is an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed service providers that have integrated their products and services with Microsoft's security technology. Over the last year, MISA has extended its qualifying products to include a broad range of Microsoft Purview and Microsoft Priva products. MISA offers members co-marketing benefits and the opportunity to deepen their technology integrations and relationship within the Microsoft security ecosystem. MISA offers members co-marketing benefits and the opportunity to deepen their technology integrations and relationship within the Microsoft security ecosystem.

Partner with Microsoft Purview

Here are a few ways that partners can join the Microsoft Purview ecosystem:

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