Getting Started with Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence


Getting Started

Creating an Account 

MDTI Standard Edition (formerly known as Community) requires users to have an Entra or personal Microsoft account. In other words, any Microsoft identity account may be used for MDTI Standard Edition access. Access our MDTI Standard Edition features by visiting our standalone portal at MDTI. For more information, see “Learn how to access Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence and make customizations in your portal.” 

Acquiring a Premium License

MDTI Premium Trials 

Please contact your Microsoft account team or select “Contact Sales” on this page to get in touch with a Microsoft sales representative. They will work with you to get you setup with an MDTI Premium trial. Our field personnel will need your organization's tenant ID and whether or not you want to leverage our APIs during your trial period. If you don't have an Entra account with a tenant ID, you will need to create one before you can sign-up for an MDTI Premium trial. 

Purchasing MDTI

MDTI Premium licenses will be purchased through a Microsoft Commercial Executive. 


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