Fix for the Storage Migration Service “Couldn’t transfer storage on any of the endpoints” issue

Heya folks, Ned here again. For those of you seeing this issue:—we-couldnt-access-it

With an error in WAC like:

“Couldn't transfer on any of the endpoints. 0x9044”

And detailed error in WAC like:

“Check if the source device is online – we couldn't access it.”

And an event log entry like:

“Error ID: 36931 

Couldn't transfer .

Guidance: Check the detailed error and make sure the transfer requirements are met. The transfer job couldn't transfer any source and destination computers. This could be because the orchestrator computer couldn't reach any source or destination computers, possibly due to a rule, or missing permissions.”

We fixed it in Cumulative Update KB4520062.

So… there you go.

– Ned Pyle


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