Export data in near real-time from Azure IoT Central

We are happy to share that you can now export data to Azure Event Hubs and Azure Service Bus in near real-time from your Azure IoT Central app! Previously, Continuous Data Export enabled exporting your IoT Central measurements, devices, and device templates data to your Azure Blob account once every minute for cold path and analytics. Now you can export this data in near real-time to your Azure Event Hubs and Azure Service Bus instances for analytics and monitoring.

For example, an energy company wants to understand and predict trends in energy consumption in different areas over time of day and throughout the week. With electrical equipment connected to IoT Central, they can use Continuous Data Export to export their IoT data to Azure Event Hubs. They run their deployed models to gain insight over consumption and perform anomaly detection by connecting their Event Hubs to Azure Databricks. They can run highly custom rules for detecting specific outages by sending data from Event Hubs to Azure Stream Analytics. For long term data , they can continue to use Continuous Data Export to store all of their device data in Azure .

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Continuous Data Export in Azure IoT Central

New capabilities

These are the new features and changes to Continuous Data Export in Azure IoT Central:

  • New export destinations include Azure Event Hubs and Azure Service Bus, in addition to Azure .
  • Export to all supported destinations using a valid connection string, including destinations that are in a different subscription than your IoT Central app.
  • Create up to 5 exports per app.
  • Export is available in both Trial apps and Pay-As-You-Go apps.
  • Continuous Data Export has moved! Find it in the left navigation menu.

Get started

For more information about Continuous Data Export and set it up, visit the documentation “Export your data in Azure IoT Central.” You can use your existing , Event Hubs, or Service Bus instance, or create a new instance.

Next steps

Use the new features in Continuous Data Export to export data to your own Azure Event Hubs, Azure Service Bus, and Azure Blob Storage instances for custom warm path and cold path processing, and analytics on your IoT data.

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